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How to watch Everything Everywhere All At Once

Get ready to watch one of the best 2022 movies and the leader of the Oscars nominations. Here's how to watch Everything Everywhere All At Once.

Everything Everywhere All at Once is an Oscars frontrunner in which Michelle Yeoh has hot dogs for fingers

How can you watch Everything Everywhere All At Once? Doctor Strange may have blown the multiverse wide open for the MCU, but a new challenger has emerged to challenge the Sorcerer Supreme’s second film for interdimensional domination, the action movie Everything Everywhere All At Once.

Well, we say action movie. It’s more complicated than that… It’s also a science fiction movie, a drama movie, and even a musical at times? It’s complicated. All you need to know is that it was up for multiple Oscar 2023 nominations, won a bunch of them, and stars Michelle Yeoh as Evelyn — a seemingly normal woman who’s gifted incredible powers when it’s revealed that in all of reality, she’s the only one who can stop the deadly Jobu Tupaki.

Honestly, this is a film that defies description. In our Everything Everywhere All At Once review, we called it the best movie of 2022, and as of last night, it’s now the 2023 Oscar winner for Best Picture. Basically, you need to see this incredible picture as soon as possible. So what are your options? Well, strap in here’s how to watch Everything Everywhere All At Once.

How to watch Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once is available to buy, rent, and stream on Amazon via Prime video.

You can also watch the new movie through streaming services such as Apple TV and the Google Play store. And, of course, you can also buy a physical copy of Everything Everywhere All at Once too. Blu-Rays and DVDs of the film are all for sale.

However, given how the film is available through Prime, if you are after convenience, Amazon is still our recommended go-to.

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Can I stream Everything Everywhere All at Once?

Yes! As mentioned above, you can stream Everything Everywhere All at Once, on multiple streaming services. 

However, Prime Video is your best and most convenient option when it comes to a viewing platform. If you want to sign up for a Prime membership, be sure to click our link here.

Is Everything Everywhere All At Once on Netflix?

No, Everything Everywhere All At Once is not streaming on Netflix. And it’s unlikely to while the movie is streaming on other services. Perhaps in the future, but as of March 2023, the movie is not available on the streaming service.

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