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Blue Beetle Scarab explained - who is Khaji Da?

What is the Scarab in Blue Beetle? The Scarab and it's connection to Jaime Reyes it at the centre of the new DC movie, so here's everything you need to know.

blue beetle scarab explained: jaime holding scara

What is the Scarab in Blue Beetle? Forget radioactive spiders — over in DC, we prefer to have alien parasites literally burrow their way into our nervous systems before we can transform from zero to hero.

Amid the Blue Beetle release date, you no doubt have a lot of questions about how the Scarab comes into things in this new movie. Why is it being carried in a burger box? How is it related to Blue Beetle? And who on Earth (pun intended) is Khaji Da?

You don’t need Kord Industries to break this one down for you — like the Scarab on Jaime Reyes’ spine, we’ve got your back. Here’s the Blue Beetle Scarab explained.

What is the Scarab in Blue Beetle?

The Scarab is a semi-autonomous parasite created by extra-terrestrials. When attached to an organic host, they can harness various powers the Scarab equips them with including super strength, speed, and the ability to fly.

In the DC comics, the Scarab was created by the Reach — an alien race whose primary aim is to conquer other planets across the universe. The original purpose of the Scarab was to attach itself to a host, which would then harness the biotechnology’s powers to take over the planet in question.

But by the time the Scarab reached Earth, it became disconnected from the Reach’s penchant for conquering — although its ability to attach itself to a host and allow them to harness superhuman powers remained.

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Scarab powers explained

The powers of the Scarab depends on how much they attach themselves to their host.

Fast-forward to 1964, archeologist Dan Garrett uncovered the Scarab in Egypt, and discovered that it was used by Pharaohs to grant them the ‘power’ to rule.

Dan also discovered that by calling “Khaji Da”, he’d be able to harness the powers of the Scarab — which, again, include super-strength, speed, agility, and even the ability to cast lightning. He decided to keep the Scarab and use it to fight crime, and thus became the first Blue Beetle.

When Dan died, he passed on the Scarab to his student, Ted Kord. Kord was unable to unlock the powers of the Scarab, and the Scarab didn’t attach himself to Ted — so the eccentric inventor compensated by making his own weapons to fight as Blue Beetle, including a spacecraft he called The Bug. All was well until, as per the Blue Beetle movie, Ted went missing.

blue beetle scarab explained: scarab in jaimes han

As a sentient being, the Scarab ‘chooses’ who it attaches itself to — and it chose young graduate Jaime Reyes as its next host, burrowing into his spine and giving him even more powers and abilities than Dan Garrett — including a retractable suit, gun, swords, and shields along with enhanced strength and speed.

Jaime also discovered that Khaji Da is actually the name of the Scarab, as he and the parasite develop a telepathic connection, a means of communicating with one another, and a symbiotic relationship.

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