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How does Love return in You season 4, part 2?

If you're asking how we'll see Love return in You season 4, then you're in the right place, here's the scoop on the Netflix series.

will love return in you season 4: love in you

How does Love return in You season 4, part 2? Played by Victoria Pendretti, Love Quinn was an integral character in both season 2 and season 3 of You. In season 2, she became the latest object of Joe’s obsession, and by the end of the season, it transpired that she wasn’t just okay with Joe’s murderous past, but is a dab hand at killing as well.

Then, in season 3 of the Netflix series, we saw a now-married Joe and Love move to the suburbs with their infant son, Henry. But neither of them were able to change their ways, as Love kept killing and Joe kept obsessing.

At the beginning of You season 4 it seemed like Joe and Love’s relationship was over but more recent trailers have teased her return. But how does Love return in You season 4, part 2? Warnign spoilers for You ahead.

How does Love return in You season 4, part 2?

Love returned in You season 4 part 2 — but only in Joe’s imagination.

Fans were thrilled when they spotted Victoria Pedretti reprising her role in the You season 4 part 2 trailer — but it was revealed in episode 9 that her appearance, as shown in the teaser, was a figment of Joe’s imagination.

After Joe discovered that he was the Eat the Rich killer all along (he blacked out while committing the murders in a Jekyll and Hyde-like situation) and that the Rhys he’d been interacting with was inside his head, it’s fair to say he unravelled a little bit. We got to return to Joe’s mind palace in a Valium-fuelled trip as he fought with Rhys (who, as it turns out, was an alternate personality and a manifestation of Joe’s ‘dark side) in order to remember where he imprisoned Marienne.

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During this spiral, several figures from Joe’s past appeared, including people he’d murdered, like Beck and, of course, Love. Unfortunately, although Pendretti got to perform fresh scenes for the series, the ‘Love’ we saw was just a manifestation of Joe’s own guilty conscience. Still, we’re glad Love got to mess with Joe one last time, even if it was technically beyond the grave.

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