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Everyone who dies in You season 4

If you need some clarification on everyone who dies in You season 4, then you've come to the right place, here's everyone that met their maker.

Who dies in You season 4? By the end of You season 3, Joe’s kill count is already up to ten, and despite his desire for a “little European holiday,” people around him in his new social circle in London just keep dying.

As ‘Jonathan Moore’ continues to rub shoulders with the British elite, the looming threat of the ‘Eat the Rich’ killer leads to several people in the Netflix series losing their lives. To Joe/Jonathan’s credit, he isn’t responsible for all the murders in You season 4 (or is he?) but with so many people dropping dead, it’s hard to keep track — so here’s everyone who dies in You season 4.

Who dies in You season 4 part 1?

  • Malcolm
  • Simon Soo
  • Vic
  • Gemma

everyone who dies in you season 4: malcolm in you


Joe’s neighbour, work colleague, and the philandering boyfriend of Kate is the first person to meet their fate at the hands of the Eat the Rich killer. After ‘Jonathan’ saves Kate from a mugging, Malcolm invites him to an exclusive event to thank him. It’s through Malcolm that Joe is able to infiltrate the super-rich, super-mean social circle, but the morning after Joe finds him in his apartment with a knife through his chest. Rough night out, huh?

everyone who dies in you season 4: simon in you

Simon Soo

Another member of Malcolm’s squad, Simon is a world-famous artist who works closely with Kate, who displays his elaborate creations in exhibitions at the prestigious art gallery she works at. But when it emerges that his ‘artistry’ isn’t as original as it seems, he is not only stabbed by the ‘Eat the Rich’ killer, but also has one of his ears removed. Very Van Gough.

everyone who dies in you season 4: joe in you


Vic is Adam’s loyal driver and security guard, and he’s more than suspicious of ‘Jonathan’ when he becomes besties with Adam’s circle and then everyone starts dying. To be fair, you can’t really blame him. When Vic’s suspicion over Joe and his lurking gets too much, the supposedly ‘reformed’ killer, who is trying to track down the ‘Eat the Rich’ killer himself,  decides that the only logical way to deal with Vic is to kill him.

everyone who dies in you season 4: gemma in you


Outspoken Gemma ends up being the ‘Eat the Rich’ killer’s third victim, with the serial killer stabbing her to death in her own bedroom. Given how mean she was, it’s hard to feel bad, but at least Joe and Kate were on-hand to ‘take care’ of her body, even if who actually killed her remains a mystery…

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Everyone who dies in You season 4, part 2

Also, a quick note before we begin. Remember how we said Malcolm, Simon, and Gemma were all killed by Rhys? Well, they weren’t. Joe murdered them because he’s the Eat, the Rich killer.

Joe was blacked out while these murders took place because his consciousness was split in two, and when he killed them, he was ‘Rhys Montrose’, so he doesn’t remember the murders (initially at least).

Rhys Montrose

In You season 4, part 1, it was seemingly confirmed that Rhys Montrose, a candidate for London mayor and charismatic memoirist, was not only Joe’s stalker but also the Eat the Rich killer.

Kate’s father, who was on to Joe’s identity and past crimes, encouraged him to kill Rhys, but given the character had apparently been stalking Joe and bumping off all his new mates, he didn’t need much encouragement — especially since he thought Rhys took Marienne.

However, after Joe tortured and killed Rhys, he reappears in imaginary form — meaning the person who had been torturing Joe wasn’t the real Rhys, but a version of him in Joe’s head all along!

Adam Pratt in You season 4

Adam Pratt

Another one of Malcolm’s squad met a real grisly end — but this time, not by the Eat the Rich killer. It’s safe to say that Tom is something of a ‘protective’ parent, and after Kate told him how Adam took advantage of her bestie Phoebe, the business mogul did the only logical thing: had him killed. Fortunately, a certain serial killer going around made it easy for Tommy boy to cover it up.

everyone who dies in you season 4: joe in you

Tom Lockwood

Unfortunately, Tom didn’t end up having the last laugh. After he told Kate that he had pretty much been pulling the strings in every area of her life, Joe ended up doing his good ol’ fashioned “kidnap and killing every person his girlfriends have a minor grievance with” method. But remember, Joe’s no amateur; he also killed Lockwood’s employee, Hugo, to stage a murder-suicide-type deal.


Poor Edward. Nadia’s reformed, age-appropriate Tory beau was one of the only people to believe that Professor Jonathan Moore wasn’t all that he seemed — and she got pretty close to the truth, too.

Sadly, after Joe discovered Nadia and him snooping around his flat, he ended up stabbing his former student to death and framing Nadia not just for his murder but for all the slayings done by the Eat the Rich killer. Bet Nadia wished she minded her own business now.

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