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Is 1923 a prequel to Yellowstone?

Yellowstone now has a growing number of spin-off TV series, each set in a different time period. One of those is 1923, but is the show a prequel to Yellowstone.

Harrison Ford in 1923

Is 1923 a prequel to Yellowstone? It’s fair to say that Yellowstone has taken the world by storm.

Yellowstone, the Western-style drama series, depicts the life of a modern cowboy managing a ranch, while also touching on politics, mystery, and occasional action. With its huge success and popularity, the TV series now has a variety of equally popular spin-off shows, which means that the ways in which the Yellowstone timeline works can be a bit confusing.

Additionally, for people who want to get started with Yellowstone (or, watch it in chronological order) there’s a lot to get your head around. So, we’re here to help by answering the question: is 1923 a prequel to Yellowstone?

Is 1923 a prequel to Yellowstone?

1923 is a prequel to Yellowstone. It explores John Dutton’s ancestors who work on the Dutton ranch, Jacob and Cara Dutton, following their own challenges and trials.

As well as being a prequel to Yellowstone, 1923 is also a sequel to another Yellowstone spin-off 1883. 1883 was the first Yellowstone spin-off series, and 1923 is set half a century after it.

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Each of these Yellowstone shows have focused on the lives of a different generation of Duttons, and as the franchise continues to grow in new and exciting directions, you can expect more prequels, and more sequels, to carry on with that trend.

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