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Yellowstone might actually get a happy ending if one theory is true

Previous predictions have Yellowstone heading toward a bleak and violent conclusion, but this theory would deliver a happy ending for all.

Kevin Costner as John Dutton in Yellowstone

If the FBI were to ever search the chat logs on my phone, all they would find are passionate debates between me and my fellow cowboy fans about how Yellowstone will end. Most of the time, we predict the complete demise of the Dutton family, but now, we have some hope.

For five seasons, Yellowstone has enthralled pretty much every American (or at least the ones who own a TV set). With Yellowstone season 5 part 2 on the way next year, the main timeline will come to an end, and there is still so much to be resolved. Which Yellowstone characters will die? Will John Dutton be in the show at all? And what’s going to happen to that beautiful ranch?

Well, it turns out the Yellowstone timeline doesn’t have to come to a grizzly end, after all. This Reddit theory suggests we will see the “Duttons and Native Americans living together in peace and harmony.” How? Well, “John Dutton will essentially cede the entire ranch to the Reservation with a few conditions.”

Those conditions include no casino being built on the land, John and the ranch hands continuing to live and work there, the two parties going into business selling meat, and Jamie Dutton failing in his plan to strike business deals for development on the land.

Breaking this down, it all makes a lot of sense. John, despite his intense determination to stand in the way of progress and conserve the Dutton stronghold on the land, is well aware that his ability to do this is waning. Beth Dutton knows it, too, and she has already started pushing her father to do the sensible thing.

The sensible thing doesn’t have to mean a complete handover of the land, though. Given Kayce Dutton‘s ties to the Native American reservation through his wife, Monica, there’s scope for a resolution that satisfies the interests of the key players in Montana—John can preserve the legacy of his family, the Native Americans get their land back, and the capitalist enemies will lose.

This path is something we’ve already considered, and it’s all based on the fact that 1883 told us how Yellowstone would end. The spin-off miniseries is not only one of the best TV series of the modern era, but it contains a prophecy that claims one day, the Native Americans will rise up and claim their land back. Based on this new theory, that transaction doesn’t need to be a fight, but an amicable collaboration.

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We’ve already suggested Yellowstone should spotlight Kayce if Kevin Costner doesn’t return. But, either way, the end goal of the drama series should definitely be to show that the interests of the Dutton family tree and the reservation can co-exist peacefully. Sure, we love Yellowstone for the gun fights and thrilling twists, but a happy ending would be a fitting way to bring the show to an end.

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