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Talk to Me 2 release date speculation, cast, plot, and more news

Talk to Me may just firm itself up as one of the best horror movies of recent years. With that in mind, here's what we know about the Talk to Me 2 release date.

Talk to Me 2 release date: Joe Bird as Riley

What’s the Talk to Me 2 release date? Teenagers are idiots in horror movies. It’s part of the history of the genre. From trying to keep accidental kills a secret, to hosting a house party while a killer is on the loose, the youth of cinema’s greatest scary flicks aren’t that smart.

Talk to Me focuses on the same phenomenon but does it better. It’s one of the best horror movies recently to tackle not only the subject of teens, but possession, too. And in doing so, its manages to stand out amid the busiest summer of new movies we’ve seen in years.

The premise is delightfully simple: a group of teens has ownership of a haunted embalmed hand that allows them to be taken over by the spirit of a dead person. From there, things get a little crazy. The shocking imagery and unpredictable scares made Talk to Me one of the best movies of 2023 for genuine thrills. But will we be getting a sequel? Read on for everything we know about the Talk to Me 2 release date. (Spoilers ahead for Talk to Me!)

Talk to Me 2 release date speculation

Praise The Hand! It was announced on August 8, 2023 that we would be getting a Talk to Me sequel, directed again by Danny and Michael Philippou. With that in mind, we have our hopes set for a 2024 or 2025 release date.

This is no surprise. Talk to Me was a wild success, and has quickly climbed the ranks as A24’s second-highest earning horror film, just behind Hereditary. Plus, the Talk to Me ending left the door open for more misadventures with The Hand, so a sequel was bound to happen.

A24 announced the sequel on their Twitter, showing The Hand contorting into a ‘2’ and revealing that the title of the new movie would be Talk 2 Me.

The directorial duo spent so much time creating the lore and mythology of The Hand. Since it’s not explored all that much in Talk to Me, they’re certainly gunning to show it off down the line. Based on the hints dropped by the Philippou brothers, there may even be scope for a third movie.

“It’s called the mythology bible. So we’ve got that,” Danny said [via Collider], to which Michael added: “Or a big prologue. It’s a trilogy.”

Talk to Me 2 release date: Sophie Wilde as Mia

Talk to Me 2 cast speculation

We expect Talk to Me 2 to start afresh with a new cast, especially considering how the first movie ended with The Hand in the clutches of a new group of teens.

The final scene of the ghost movie sees a group of teens in Spain messing around with the hand at a party, where they encounter Mia’s spirit. Because of this, we think the sequel will take off in a new direction and location.

That said, there’s a scene in the original that shows the teens tracking down Cole, whose brother was the first victim of The Hand as we saw in the opening scene. They try to get some advice, but he doesn’t offer much. We imagine that if there were a new group of teens, they’d probably try and reach out to those last in possession of The Hand in some manner.

If that’s the case, then we may end up getting some cameos from original cast members and maybe even another appearance from Sophie Wilde as Mia in ghost form.

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Here’s the potential Talk to Me 2 cast list:

  • Sophie Wilde as Mia
  • Alexandra Jensen as Jade
  • Joe Bird as Riley
  • Zoe Terakes as Hayley
  • Chris Alosio as Joss

Talk to Me 2 release date: Sophie Wilde as Mia

What is Talk to Me 2 about?

Although there’s no official synopsis, we think Talk to Me 2 will be about a new group of teens discovering the power of The Hand and yet again becoming entangled with the spectral world that it opens up.

As we said, the ending of Talk to Me finds The Hand with a group of Spanish-speaking teens, so perhaps these guys would be the new victims. We also know that the Philippou brothers are keen to explore the background and history of the antagonistic body part, so we imagine that would come into play in the next A24 movie to follow.

“When we were writing the first film, we couldn’t help but write scenes for a sequel as well,” Danny Philippou has said [via GamesRadar]. “Our bible on the movie is so extensive. We’ve got this massive mythology bible where we broke down every single spirit that the kids connected with, every single rule, every single part of the hand, and the history behind it. So I think there’s so much to explore.”

In the first movie, we also saw some horrific glimpses of the spirit world in which the ghosts reside. Honestly, it looks like Hell. If we were to guess, we think that the sequel would see a new group of teens getting overly attached to The Hand and would then involve them traveling into the spirit world and perhaps even seeking guidance on The Hand itself through some means. Or maybe they’ll track down the second Hand that briefly got mentioned?

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Is there a Talk to Me 2 trailer?

There’s no trailer for a Talk to Me sequel yet, since the second movie has only just been announced. That said, we think if there was a trailer, it would drop within a few months of the movie’s release.

We’ll keep track of the goings-on regarding the sequel, so make sure you check back. In the meantime, there’s plenty of content for the original since the Philippou brothers are YouTube stars. Take, for instance, the below video that breaks down their journey to making their debut feature film and its premiere at Sundance Film Festival.

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Where can I watch Talk to Me 2?

Much like the existing movie, we think Talk to Me 2 will have a theatrical-only release at first.

Talk to Me has had unprecedented success at the box office, far exceeding any expectations for a movie so quick to follow the Barbenheimer phenomenon. Considering its origins at Sundance and the theatrical release of the original, a cinematic experience is probably guaranteed for the sequel. After this, we would imagine that it will end up on one of the best streaming services.

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