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Should Star Wars fans be worried about Andor season 2?

Disney Plus is promoting the best entertainment coming in 2024 and left out Andor season 2 - Star Wars fans have a bad feeling about this.

Diego Luna as Cassian Andor

Personally, there is no show I am more excited about next year than Andor season 2. I have literally been counting down the days since season 1 concluded, but some Star Wars fans are concerned that Disney Plus is not paying enough attention to the upcoming series.

If I was in charge of Star Wars, the Andor season 2 release date is pretty much the only thing I’d be talking about to be honest. The first season of the show is already the best Star Wars series ever, and I’ve no doubt the second season will be much of the same.

That is, as long as everything is running smoothly behind the scenes. You see, a recent post on the Disney Plus Instagram account shared a list of all the best TV series coming to the streaming service in 2024, and Andor didn’t make the cut! Is this a simple oversight? Or evidence of a deeper issue with the production?

Among the list of Disney Plus shows hyped up by the streamer for its 2024 watchlist are Marvel’s Echo, The Bear season 3, The Acolyte, and Skeleton Crew. All of those are very enticing indeed, and would be high up on my own personal watchlist.

A post from Disney Plus' Instagram account

Still, the fact Disney Plus has included two Star Wars shows on there but hasn’t found room for Cassian Andor, an already established Star Wars character with an elite first season under his belt, does seem strange. There was bad news on the horizon for the show earlier this year, with Andor season 2 affected heavily by delays from the Writers Strike, and we’ve been worried ever since.

Since the strikes ended, things are seemingly back on track and the Andor cast have been hard at work getting the series finished. As it stands, there’s no reason the show won’t meet its August 2024 release window. But, as a devoted Star Wars fan, I’ve learned to fear the worst and hope for the best (watching The Rise of Skywalker will do that to you).

I’m sure Disney Plus simply felt that including two Star Wars shows on the list was enough, and the company was more keen to promote brand new stories rather than pushing Andor, which already has an existing fan base. I mean, they can’t include everything on the watchlist, can they? CAN THEY? Someone tell me I’m just overthinking this, please.

Until we wait for more news on Andor and the other shows, we’ve plenty of new Star Wars movies to think about, too. And, of course, we can just watch the Star Wars movies in order again and again, especially Rogue One, to get our Cassian Andor fix. If you’re not one for heroes, though, you might want to check out our list of the best Star Wars villains, or achieve balance in the Force by diving into our guide on the Star Wars cast.