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Is Darth Vader alive in Ahsoka?

With Anakin Skywalker finally making his appearance in Ahsoka, Star Wars fans may want know if Darth Vader is technically alive in the Disney Plus series.

Is Darth Vader alive in Star Wars? Hayden Christensen as Anakin in Ahsoka

Is Darth Vader alive in Ahsoka? Ahsoka left fans reeling when we were finally reintroduced to Anakin Skywalker (AKA: Darth Vader). But of course, this left us with more questions than answers, and one thing viewers have been dying to know is whether this means that Darth Vader is, in fact, alive.

As the newest Star Wars spin-off, Ahsoka is not far away from the season’s end, and they’ll soon need to start wrapping things up on the best sci-fi series around right now. The Star Wars series has certainly had its fans (and its attackers, too) when it comes to matters of the best Star Wars characters. One thing we could all agree on, however, was how much we loved seeing Hayden Christensen back in action.

So, what does this mean for Darth’s fate? Has he really been alive all this time? Or is this simply a spiritual illusion that gave the opportunity for a cool cameo? Read ahead to find the answer to the question: Is Darth Vader alive in Ahsoka?

Is Darth Vader alive in Ahsoka?

No, Darth Vader isn’t alive in Ahsoka, but he does appear before the titular Jedi in the World Between Worlds, most likely as a Force ghost.

As well all know, the World Between Worlds is a plane that exists between the fabric of space and time, which connects every single moment in history. We’ve seen this world before in Rebels, and it looks a little different in the live-action series of Ahsoka. All this means that it might be a slightly different take on the WBW, or perhaps a slightly alternate dimension.

In the fifth episode of Ahsoka, the Jedi is transported back to one of her first battles in the Clone Wars, as well as the Siege of Mandalore, and encounters Anakin Skywalker. Because Anakin wasn’t at the Siege of Mandalore in the canon, but appears in the episode, this all implies that Anakin is a hallucination. Either that, or he’s a Force ghost, appearing to her as we’ve seen him throughout some of the best science fiction movies.

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That said, he seems to have a knowledge of events, and even makes reference to his fight with Luke Skywalker in the original series. You’ve no doubt seen the clip of him flashing between his own and Darth Vader’s visage on social media — a moment which takes place during this episode.

All this also opens the door for another Star Wars theory that involves Anakin’s fate. What if his ‘Force ghost’ is actually just his own being, but in another realm? We all know he met his demise in the original series, but perhaps he now exists as an entity in the World Between Worlds, greeting all those who enter. Either way, even if Anakin isn’t technically dead on a spiritual level, he’s certainly not alive in the ‘real world’.

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