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The Flash star Ezra Miller says Ben Affleck may not be done with Batman

Ben Affleck hung up his Batman cape in 2019, but according to The Flash star Ezra Miller, there may be hope for more Batfleck in the future

Ezra Miller says Ben Affleck may not be done with Batman

While most of the world only has eyes for Robert Pattinson and The Batman right now, Ezra Miller reminds us that in the not-too-distant past, we had a brilliant Batman preparing for more action in the DCEU. And now, The Flash star has hinted that Ben Affleck may not be finished with his work as Batman.

Ben Affleck unfortunately made the decision to hang up his cape and cowl back in 2019, for a variety of personal and professional reasons. Affleck had previously played Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego in Zack Snyder’s action movie Batman v Superman, David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, and the much-maligned Justice League movie in 2017. The actor was also set to write, direct, and star in his own Batman trilogy.

The fallout of the critically-panned Justice League movie was tough on all involved, and the future of the DCEU was in ruins. Affleck’s proposed trilogy of Batman thriller movies was a beacon of hope, but creative difficulties ultimately got in the way. The actor was eventually convinced to give up the Dark Knight mantle, after a discussion with his friend and long-time collaborator, Matt Damon.

However, we have seen Batfleck return once already since that fateful resignation, albeit in a movie he had already shot, when he starred in Zack Snyder’s Justice League last year. Now, it seems the actor is slowly but surely warming to the idea of picking up the Batsuit again.

We already know Affleck has shot some footage for the upcoming superhero time travel movie, The Flash, in which he claims to have filmed his favourite Batman scene to date. And, Ezra Miller says that may not be the last we’ll see of Ben Affleck’s brutal Batman.

The Fantastic Beasts actor has been spending a lot of time on social media lately, for better or for worse, and his latest cryptic post has fans speculating that Ben Affleck will continue to appear in the DCEU beyond The Flash.

Twitter account The Flash Film News shared a post from Miller’s Instagram, showing a screenshot of an article claiming The Flash will be Affleck’s final appearance as Batman, upon which he had written ‘HA HA HA’. Is this Ezra Miller saying that the article is wrong?

Perhaps. But it’s best not to read too much into it at this point. The last we heard from Affleck himself was that The Flash would indeed be his farewell to the character. It’s even been heavily rumoured that his version of the Caped Crusader will die in the movie, to allow Michael Keaton to become the primary Batman in the DCEU.

Whatever happens, it would appear we are spoilt for choice when it comes to Batmen, and long may that continue!