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Who does Josh Holloway play in Yellowstone?

Josh Holloway is part of the Yellowstone cast throughout seasons 3 and 4. Here we break down who he plays, his story arc, and what happens to him in the end.

Who does Josh Holloway play in Yellowstone?: Josh Holloway as Roarke

Who does Josh Holloway play in Yellowstone? There are plenty of recognizable actors and country singers that form the Yellowstone collective, but Josh Holloway may be one face that looks particularly familiar.

In Yellowstone, Josh Holloway appears throughout season 3 and 4. Fans will already recognize Holloway from one of the best thriller series of all time: Lost. He played resident bad boy Sawyer on the show, so it was a pleasant surprise when we saw him step into Taylor Sheridan’s world on the Yellowstone series.

So, we know he’s in the Yellowstone cast. But who does Josh Holloway play in Yellowstone, and how does he fold into the narrative? Read ahead for everything you need to know. (Spoilers ahead for seasons 3 and 4 of Yellowstone.)

Who does Josh Holloway play in Yellowstone?

Josh Holloway plays Roarke Morris in seasons 3 and 4 of Yellowstone, and serves as a primary antagonist to the Dutton family.

Roarke is first introduced when Beth Dutton catches him fishing on their land. He then comes back, and we discover that he lives on the Cross Creek Ranch up the way. His family, much like the Duttons, is very wealthy.

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It turns out that Roarke actually works for Market Equities, the firm that’s trying to buy out land owners across Montana to build an airport. This means that Roarke is directly trying to oust the Duttons out of their land, and he spends most of his time dealing with Beth, who takes an instant dislike to him.

Roarke hires two men (Wade and Clint Morrow) to hassle the Duttons and run buffalo up their property, but the two men end up brutally attacking Colby and Teeter by trampling them with their horses in a creek. John Dutton and the ranch hands take revenge, and both men are killed.

Roarke also gets his gruesome end when Rip surprises him with a cooler with a snake inside for him to find. When Roarke opens it, the snake jumps out and bites him, killing him with its poison. …What a way to go, huh?

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