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Kelly Reilly’s dream for Beth’s Yellowstone fate is way too optimistic

Kelly Reilly helps to lead the Yellowstone cast as the fearless Beth Dutton, and she has some very specific hopes and dreams for her fate.

Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton in Yellowstone

If there’s one character in Yellowstone who’s been through a lot, and deserves some happiness, it’s Beth Dutton. Sure, a lot of the time she doesn’t help herself, and she’s a magnet for chaos and disruption with the temperament of a hurricane. But, her heart’s in the right place… mostly.

Someone who agrees is Yellowstone‘s own Kelly Reilly. As one of the leads in the Yellowstone cast, she’s done an astonishing job at bringing Beth Dutton to life. Reilly, and Beth, have been highlighted throughout the show’s five seasons so far and we’re desperate for her return, which also looks set to be the conclusion to the character’s journey as the final episodes will bring Yellowstone to an end.

“I, Kelly, would love her to find peace with some things so she can maybe linger in some happiness, ” said Reilly, reflecting on her hopes for the Yellowstone ending in an interview with Town and Country. “There is a version in my mind where her and Rip just go build a house together somewhere and live quietly.”

That sounds lovely, right? How wonderful would it be if the upcoming Yellowstone season 5 part 2 concluded the story of Beth Dutton with peace and happiness and daisies and all other nice things? The only problem is, it’s too optimistic. Wishful thinking. Never gonna happen. Sorry, Kelly.

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Whatever is left in store for Beth and her husband Rip Wheeler as Yellowstone draws closer to its conclusion, we’re almost certain that it’s not peace and happiness. For one, her weasel of a brother, Jamie Dutton, has just put out a hit on her, meaning that she’s going to have assassins knocking on her door pretty soon (to be fair, she is also trying to kill him).

Our expectation is that this is going to lead to the death of Rip. Shock! The John Dutton loyalist has proven time and time again that’s he’s more than willing to put his body on the line to protect Beth, and this isn’t the kind of plot point you establish without being willing to pay it off with a major character death.

What does that mean for Beth? Well, Rip is the only source of stability and happiness in her life, so we’d be expecting to see her burn absolutely everything down in order to get revenge, whatever that looks like.

The bigger question, then, is whether or not Beth will return once Yellowstone has ended. We know that the show, one of the best TV series around, will be succeeded by a number of spin-offs set across the Yellowstone timeline, including a direct sequel called 2024. This is rumored to star Matthew McConaughey and potentially some surviving Duttons. Could Beth find peace and happiness here? We doubt it, but that doesn’t stop us hoping.

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