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This Yellowstone 1923 actor was intimidated to work with Helen Mirren

Considering the Yellowstone prequel is led by some of the most respected actors in the world, we'd probably feel a little nervous too.

Helen Mirren as Cara Dutton in 1923

Riding horses? Working under the hot sun? Dressing up in frontier costumes each day and pretending to be living on the Yellowstone ranch? That’s nothing compared to the sheer task of standing shoulder to shoulder with one of the industry’s most respected artists Helen Mirren in the hit TV series Yellowstone 1923.

The drama series, which takes a page out of the original show’s book and fashions itself in the iconography of classic Westerns, follows the story of the Dutton family in the early 1920’s, during a time of Western expansion and Prohibition. And with Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren in the starring roles, it’s no wonder that some of the younger 1923 cast members felt a little nervous.

Michelle Randolph in particular felt slightly intimidated when it came to working with Mirren, the Oscar winning actress on the Yellowstone spin-off.

The young actress plays Elizabeth Strafford in the series, who is the fiancé of Jack Dutton. Naturally, Randolph had some nerves going into the show and teaming up with one of Hollywood’s most prestigious performers.

“It was really special. Kind of surreal,” she says of working with Mirren in an interview with ComingSoon.

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“At first, I was really intimidated, but Helen is so kind, and she makes you feel really comfortable on set… I think that’s a gift about her,” she says.

Working with an award-winning legend who’s been dominating the industry for decades is a daunting task, but it’s good to know that working with Mirren is a lovely experience.

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