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Rience in The Witcher season 3 explained

Henry Cavill's fantasy series is back on Netflix and so are Geralt's enemies. Check out our detailed explainer on Rience and why he wants to find Princess Ciri.

Rience in The Witcher

Who is Rience in The Witcher, and why does he want Ciri? Here’s everything you need to know about Rience in The Witcher season 3. Minor spoilers ahead.

The Witcher is back on Netflix with volume 2 of season 3, brining the season to a close. So far, we’ve seen Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri on a journey across the Continent as they’re tracked down by a seemingly endless variety of factions.

The Elves, Redania, the Wild Hunt, and Niflgaard each wants Ciri for their own purposes. If that wasn’t enough, a deadly mage named Rience is also on the hunt for her. But what do we know about Rience, and why is he tracking down Ciri in The Witcher season 3?

Rience in The Witcher explained

Rience is a powerful fire mage introduced in season 2. In the Netflix series, Rience was imprisoned in Cintra by Queen Calanthe for ten years for crossing her.

However, in The Witcher season 2 Rience was freed by Lydia van Bredevoort who tasked him with tracking down Ciri on behalf of he mysterious employed. In doing so, Rience captured and tortured Jaskier before the bard was freed by Yennefer.

In the books, Rience was a fire mage who was trained as an assassin after being kicked out of his school for theft. We can assume that the character’s backstory in The Witcher series is something similar.

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What does Rience want with Ciri in The Witcher season 3?

Rience’s mission to capture Ciri continues in The Witcher season 3. In the new season he is still after the young princess, travelling across the Continent is his attempt to find her and Geralt.

This results in a confrontation between himself and Geralt, and the Witcher manages to break the mage’s wrists, but not kill him. This means he’s still on Ciri’s tail, until the Thanedd coup, where Geralt eventually decapitated the mage. Good riddance.

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