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Yellowjackets star Sophie Thatcher set for Stephen King’s The Boogeyman

Yellowjackets breakout star Sophie Thatcher joins the cast of Hulu's The Boogeyman, a movie adaptation of Stephen King's short horror story

Yellowjackets star Sophie Thatcher joins cast of Stephen King's The Boogeyman

Yellowjackets is the hit TV series that has got everybody talking at the moment, and the massive success of the show is clearly leading to big opportunities for its talented cast. Breakout star Sophie Thatcher, who plays Natalie in season 1, has joined the cast of the upcoming horror movie The Boogeyman, an adaptation of the Stephen King short story of the same name, according to Deadline.

Thatcher, who also recently appeared in the Disney Plus show The Book of Boba Fett, joins the cast of the dark thriller movie which will debut on streaming service Hulu. She will also be joined by Chris Messina, who played DCEU and Batman villain, Victor Zsasz, in Birds of Prey. The movie is set to be directed by Rob Savage, who made his name directing the lockdown horror, Host, back in 2020.

The Boogeyman was originally a short story, published way back in 1978, as part of The Night Shift, a collection of short stories King wrote for magazines over the years. This adaptation marks the tenth short story of the 20-story collection to be picked up and turned into a movie, following in the footsteps of classics like Children of the Corn.

Production on The Boogeyman is expected to begin at some point in the next month. The original story is super scary, and centres around a man remembering how his children were killed by the titular character. It’s very likely this man will be played by Messina.

The story also features a teenage girl, trying to cope with the death of her mother, who must bring her family together to deal with a sinister presence in their home. We would say it’s safe to assume Sophie Thatcher will take on this role.

We know there is going to be a second season of Yellowjackets, but it remains to be seen whether Thatcher will return for that. What we do know is, there will be more adult survivors in the sophomore season of everyone’s new favourite horror show.

Stephen King adaptations have always been incredibly popular, and we have plenty to look forward to in the near future. On the movie front, there’s a reimagining of ‘80s cult hit Christine, James Wan is producing a new Salem’s Lot, and Zac Efron will star in a remake of Firestarter. There is also a Blumhouse TV series, titled Later, and last year we got Chapelwaite, starring Adrien Brody.