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Stephen King’s Chapelwaite TV series starts airing this August

Sweet spooky home, the Stephen King Chapelwaite series just got a premiere date

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After a year of delays, Epix has announced that the highly anticipated spooky TV series Chapelwaite will begin airing in August of this year. Based on Stephen King’s short story, Jerusalem’s Lot, the series was initially announced back in December 2019, but due to Covid-19 complications had to stall its premiere until now.

The horror drama will have ten episodes, and feature Academy Award winning actor Adrien Brody (The Pianist) and Emily Hampshire (Schitt’s Creek) in its leading roles. Although the series is drawing on Jerusalem’s Lot, a short story first published as part of King’s Night Shift collection back in 1978, Chapelwaite is telling an original plot – a very intriguing prospect for all us Stephen King nerds.

Set in 1850, Chapelwaite will tell the story of Captain Charles Boone (Brody), who moves his family into his ancestral home located in a seemingly peaceful town after his wife dies out in sea. However- in true King fashion – a darkness lurks within the house, and sinister secrets are soon uncovered.

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Hampshire is playing Rebecca Morgan, an ambitious student at Mount Holyoke College. Desperate for a chance to write about the mysterious home and family, Rebecca applies to be a governess for Boone’s children. However, as she explores the mansion, she ends up finding horrors aplenty.

Jerusalem’s Lot is no stranger to the big screen. King’s fictional town has previously been the setting for the well known Salem’s Lot. News of Chapelwaite’s release also comes at a time when the topic of Stephen King adaptations has been dominating the news in the horror community. With fans expecting the Firestarter remake, the new Pet Sematary, and Christine,  it is exciting to see how Chapelwaite will make itself stand out from the rest of the cinematic adaptations in the King pack.

The first episode of Chapelwaite will air on Epix on Friday, August 22 – we’ll keep you informed on when it’ll be available in the UK.

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