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Andor star picks the best scene of the first season, and he’s right

We loved Andor season one and it's definitely among the best Star Wars series we've seen on Disney Plus, featuring some of the best Star Wars scenes ever.

Andor features some of the best Star Wars scenes in the franchise's history

I think we’re all still a bit shell-shocked by Andor. After a handful of quite lackluster Star Wars projects on Disney Plus, Tony Gilroy’s best sci-fi series gave us a desperately dark, political, complex return to the world of the Star Wars movies.

Stellan Skarsgård was one of the most impressive members of the Andor cast, embodying the murky morality of the entire Star Wars series with his role as rebel leader Luthen Rael.

Luthen’s character arc across the first season came to a head in a dramatic monologue, in which Luthen explained all of the elements of his humanity he has had to neglect and even destroy in order to take on the Galactic Empire.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Skarsgård picked this moment as the best scene from Andor. We’d go even further and suggest it’s one of the best Star Wars scenes in the history of the franchise. It’s intense, well-written, and impeccably performed by Skarsgård.

He said: “Of course I knew I had a speech that was very well-written, and it was probably one of the best scenes in the season. And I worked on it.”

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In fact, the actor was so determined to get the scene right that he delivered it as something of an endurance test on the day. “When we shot it, somehow I was tense. I think I said: ‘Let’s go again, let’s go again’. I think I did it 10 times in a row, very fast, right on top of each other. 10 times, like ‘go, go, go’. And then it was good. Then, I was satisfied, and the director was satisfied.”

We’re waiting patiently for the Andor season 2 release date, and we’re very excited to find out what happens to some of the best Star Wars characters, including Luthen. Obviously, Rogue One has already told us where Cassian Andor himself ends up.

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