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Somehow, Andor holds this shocking Star Wars series record

The Mandalorian an Obi-Wan Kenobi might have seemed bigger, but there's a particular Star Wars series record that Andor holds over all the rest thus far.

Diego Luna in Andor

The Mandalorian might have re-defined what we considered possible in a Star Wars series, but there’s one record Andor has over it. Yes, the fledgling Rebel Alliance managed one particular victory over Din Djarin and Grogu, setting a standard for Star Wars in general.

The hit Disney Plus show is the most expensive small screen production within a galaxy far, far away yet. According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, the overall cost came in at around $250 million. To put that in context, The Mandalorian costs around $15 million per episode, but Andor’s 12 episodes would even out to over $20 million each.

That’s a pricey TV series, and creator Tony Gilroy feels very lucky to have gotten such financial freedom. “We got lucky making this during the gold rush a few years ago,” he says. “A lot of people now have cold feet, and you can’t do this show inexpensively.”

Thankfully, Andor got the support of the Star Wars fanbase, being rightfully hailed as not just one of the best drama series in the franchise, but one of the best installments full stop. That much made sure Andor season 2 has the same amount of investment.

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“I’m just so relieved at the reaction because we were making this huge, obscure thing and we knew it was crazy,” he states. “Like, ‘Is this too much? Have we gone too far?’ There were no focus groups or test audiences. Now it will be good if we can stick the landing and go out strong.”

We’re optimistic, given what Andor has managed so far. You can catch the sci-fi series on Disney Plus, alongside all the Star Wars movies. Our new Star Wars movies, Ahsoka release date, and The Mandalorian season 4 release date guides will tell you what else is coming for a long, long time ago as well.