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Are the Night Troopers undead in Ahsoka?

The Star Wars Ahsoka finale had more than its fair share of surprises, but none were stranger than the dark secret behind Thrawn's army of Night Troopers.

Are the Night Troopers undead?

Are the Night Troopers undead in Ahsoka? Warning: spoilers ahead for the Ahsoka finale. The final episode of Dave Filoni’s new Star Wars series Ahsoka has finally wrapped up, and it brought something new to a galaxy far, far away — zombies.

Yes, unless we’re mistaken, Star Wars has never dipped its toes into the murky waters of necromancy until now (Editors Note: we just remembered Emperor Palpatine coming back to life. Sorry, we forgot because we skip Rise of Skywalker whenever watching all the Star Wars movies in order, as is our civic duty) but the question remains were all the Night Troopers undead in Ahsoka?

Well, we’ve been through the latest Star Wars series with a fine-tooth comb, and we think we’ve gotten to the bottom of this particular mystery.

The Night Troopers

Are the Night Troopers undead in Ahsoka?

While at least some of the Night Troopers are undead, the Ahsoka finale never makes clear if all of Thrawn’s army is composed of flesh-hungry ghouls.

While we see some zombie troopers battling Ezra Bridger and Sabine Wren on the top of the Nightsisters‘ temple, we’re not convinced that all the Night Tropers are undead.

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Why? Well, we can infer from Ezra Bridger’s line to Ahsoka Tano that he’d never seen the Night Trooper reanimate before the Nightsisters cast their spell, and that means this isn’t a normal ability that Thrawn’s soldiers possess.

Similarly, we hear Thrawn ask Enoch for volunteers at one point, something that wouldn’t be necessary if all the soldiers at his command were zombies bound to his will.

No, it seems more than likely to us that while in exile, Thrawn has occasionally made use of the Nightsisters’ necromancy to bolster his forces, but for the most part, his army is made up of flesh and blood soldiers who are willing to live and die for their beloved blue admiral.

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