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USS Farragut in Star Trek Strange New Worlds explained

Check out our explainer on everything we know about Star Trek's USS Farragut in Strange New Worlds to get the lowdown on Captain Kirk's old Starfleet ship.

Star Trek's USS Farragut with Paul Wesley's James Kirk in foreground

Here’s everything we know about the history and future of the USS Farragut in Star Trek Strange New Worlds and beyond. If you love Star Trek, you love starships: those are just the rules.

Star Trek‘s design for Starfleet ships is especially attractive, with a blend of hard lines (like on the USS Stargazer) and sleek curves (like on the Enterprise-D). But, even uglier ships deserve their due, and the USS Farragut is one of those.

While it might not make many lists of the best Star Trek starships, the USS Farragut is a worthwhile ship with an noteworthy history, not least because of its connection to James T. Kirk. Here, we breakdown everything we know about the history of the famous Star Trek captain‘s former ship with our complete guide to the USS Farragut so far.

USS Farragut explained

The USS Farragut is a ship that served within Starfleet which was active throughout the 23rd century. The ship was the first assignment of James T. Kirk, fresh from graduating from Starfleet Academy. While Kirk served aboard the ship as a tactical officer at some point in 2257, the USS Farragut was attacked by a dikironium cloud creature which resulted in the death of half the crew including its captain.

Prior to joining Pike’s Enterprise, Nurse Chapel also served aboard the USS Farragut for a period of time.

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Who is the captain of the USS Farragut?

Captain Garrovick was the captain of the USS Farragut until his death in 2257. In Strange New Worlds’ present timeline, the name of the USS Farragut’s captain isn’t known, but we do know that James T. Kirk serves the ship as its first officer after his promotion, and that Captain Pike temporarily assumed command of the ship when he was promoted to the rank of Fleet Captain.

In an alternate timeline where Captain Pike retains command of the Enterprise and avoids his accident, the USS Farragut is seen to be under the command of Captain James T. Kirk in the year 2266. This is seen in the Strange New Worlds season 1 finale, A Quality of Mercy.

What class is the USS Farragut?

The USS Farragut is a Farragut type starship, indicating that it’s the first of its class. This class of ship has two underslung warp nacelles, with a large saucer section. Visually, the ship can be compared to the Luna-class USS Titan, though it’s not quite as pretty.

A complement of approximately 400 crew served aboard ships of this class, though the class’ primary purpose (as an exploratory, transport, or science vessel) is unclear.

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