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What Earth is Miles Morales from?

Across the Spider-Verse explores a lot of different realities. Here's which earth Miles Morales, the ultimate Spider-Man calls home and no it's not Earth-616.

Miles stands in front of all the Spider-People

What Earth is Miles Morales from? Well, a new Spider-Verse movie has hit cinemas, and it’s once again lit up social media with discourse about the most exciting topic of them all, what number we assign to fictional realities.

Yeah, I’m not quite sure why this keeps happening specifically in Spider-Man films, but this is the second Spider-Man movie in a row to cause ripples online. So despite the quality of Spider-Verse 2 (Check out our Across the Spider-Verse review here), we’re going to answer the burning question everyone wants to know, ‘What Earth is Miles Morales from?

What Earth is Miles Morales from?

In Spider-Verse, Miles Morales is described as being from Earth-1610, which is the same designation given to the Ultimate Comics universe.

This is slightly controversial considering the reality that Spider-Verse is set in clearly isn’t the same dimension as the comic books, but we’ll forgive the filmmakers on this occasion (But we’ll never forgive you, Kevin Feige, the MCU isn’t set on Earth 616).

Sometimes you’ll see the Spider-Verse universe described in other media as being Earth-TRN700 to differentiate it from its comic counterpart, but it’s never described that way in the films, so we choose to ignore it.

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Here’s a list of which Earth every Spider-Person in Spider-Verse is from:

  • Miles Morales is from Earth-1610
  • Gwen Stacy us from Earth-65
  • Peter B Parker is from Earth-616
  • Spider-Noir is from Earth-90214
  • Spider-Ham is from Earth-8311
  • Penni Parker is from Earth-14512
  • Spider-Punk is from Earth-138
  • Pavitr Prabhakar is from Earth-50101
  • Miguel O’Hara is from Earth-928
  • Jessica Drew is from Earth-538
  • Ben Reilly is from Earth-94
  • Spider-Byte is from Earth-22191
  • Sun-Spider is from Earth-20023
  • Peter Parkedcar is from Earth-53931
  • Pter Ptarker (Dinosaur Spider-Man) is from Earth-66
  • The Web-slinger is from Earth-31913
  • Venom is from Earth-688
  • The MCU’s Spider-Man is from Earth-199999
  • The Amazing Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) is from Earth-120703
  • Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire) is from Earth-96283
  • Spectacular Spider-Man is from Earth-26496
  • Spider-Wolf is from Earth-13989
  • Spider-Man 2211 is from Earth-9500
  • Ultimate Spider-Man is from Earth-751263
  • LEGO S[pider-Man is from Earth-133122
  • Spider-UK is from Earth-834
  • Cosmic Spider-Man is from Earth-13
  • Cyborg Spider-Man is from Earth-2818
  • Lady Spider is from Earth-15011
  • PS4 Spider-Man is from Earth-1048
  • Earth-42 is the dimension with no Spider-Man

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