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Saw 11 release date, cast, plot, and more news

With a new horror movie fresh to the franchise, we've done some digging on the Saw 11 release date, news and more, to find out all we can about a follow-up.

Saw 11 release date: Tobin Bell as John Kramer/Jigsaw

What’s the Saw 11 release date? Ever since 2004, we’ve been obsessed with that iconic tricycle-riding little freak known as Billy the Puppet, and we’ve always sat down (sometimes reluctantly) to see how bloody and gruesome each new installment can get.

Saw began as a rather simple concept, and since then, it’s developed a reputation to rival that of even the best horror movies. If we’re judging on sheer legacy, the original might just stand as one of the best 2000s movies. Now, following quickly from Saw X‘s 2023 release, there’s now another new movie on the way. Here’s what you need to know.

What’s the Saw 11 release date?

Good news, Jigsaw fans — Saw II (titled Saw XI) will be released on Friday September 27, 2024.

Saw X was one of the best-ranking movies in the Saw franchise, so it’s not surprising that creatives want to keep this bloody train going. Thankfully, the release date isn’t that far away, meaning we don’t have long to wait before we can see what else John Kramer has got up to.

The news of the new movie’s release date came in December 2023, just a couple of months after Saw X’s release. You can see the official Saw/Lionsgate announcement post for yourself below:

Saw's official Instagram post announcing the sequel

Who will be in the Saw 11 cast?

Honestly, the cast list all depends on where Saw 11 would take place in the timeline.

When it comes to the Saw movies in order, we’ve had sequels, prequels, and spin-offs, so there’s always room for more in the narrative. But all this deeply impacts who would be able to star in the movie, since the amount of characters who’ve been brought back and killed off over the years is blinding.

Based on the fact that Saw X is centered on Jigsaw himself (AKA: John Kramer), we would assume that a sequel would follow the same pattern and include Tobin Bell. No surprise, considering how integral he is to the franchise at this point.

Saw 11 release date: Billy the Puppet from Saw

There’s also room to bring back some of the legacy characters and create an Avengers-style all-star comeback for some of the familiar faces.We know they’re not opposed to bringing people back, as shown by Amanda’s supporting role and Hoffman’s appearance in the Saw X post-credit scene.

Perhaps a big Jigsaw plot pitting some of the surviving victims together? Again, this all depends on where in the timeline Saw 11 would take place.

Here’s who could be in Saw 11:

  • Tobin Bell as John Kramer/Jigsaw
  • Carey Elwes as Lawrence Gordon
  • Donnie Wahlberg as Detective Matthews
  • Shawnee Smith as Amanda Young
  • Costas Mandylor as Mark Hoffman

Either way, we know some of the past cast are game. Producer Mark Burg said: “There’s a couple of Easter eggs, a couple of surprises in this [Saw X]. And should this movie work, there are going to be a bunch of actors from the past who have already called wanting to know if they can come and be in the next movie since we’re going back in time.”

YouTube Thumbnail

What would Saw 11 be about?

In all likelihood, Saw 11 would probably be more of the same: John Kramer torturing victims in the most creative of ways.

Honestly, have these movies ever done anything different? We’re not expecting anything from the best drama movies here — we all know why we buy a ticket.

Because Saw X explores John’s struggle with cancer even earlier in the timeline, we’d expect there to be even more of a deep-dive into his past and continue the exploration of why and how he became the infamous Jigsaw.

Some fan theories suggest that a future Saw movie could also move away from John Kramer specifically, and perhaps turn its attention to a copycat Jigsaw.

Of course, this was already done in Spiral, but there’s always potential to expand this idea, perhaps with multiple copycats. If they’re approaching it in an even bigger way, a Jigsaw cult could even be on the cards.

Saw 11 release date: Tobin Bell as John Kramer/Jigsaw

Is there a trailer for Saw 11?

Keep an eye out, because we think the Saw 11 trailer will drop in the spring of 2024.

Since the movie is due for September 2024, a trailer should drop a few months before. Of course, we’ll keep an eye out and let you know of any updates or first looks.

In the meantime, treat yourself to the clip below from the new movie featuring the ‘Eye Vacuum’. This is a major trap featured throughout the Saw X’s marketing. If you’d like to know more about the Saw X traps, just take a (careful) look at our guide.

YouTube Thumbnail

Where can I watch Saw 11?

Since Saw X did a theatrical push, we think Saw 11 would also be available in theaters to begin with, followed by a streaming release.

Which streaming services this will end up on depends on who licences the Saw franchise by the time the movie comes out. Right now, the streaming homes of the preexisting movies are a little scattered. But you can watch the first seven movies on Starz, and Jigsaw and Spiral are available on Prime Video and Hulu, respectively.

Alternatively, you can always rent or buy the movies on Amazon Prime. If you’ve not got a Prime account, you can sign up for one here. There’s no better time — there’s so many great Amazon Prime horror movies to watch for Halloween!

That’s everything we know about Saw II so far. For more, check out our Saw X review, and find out more about the Saw X age rating and when Saw X takes place. If you’re looking to see what else is around, don’t miss our guide of the best movies of all time, too.

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