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What is the Saw X age rating?

Saw X is one of the most highly anticipated horror movies coming to cinemas in 2023. We know there will be gore, but how extreme will the Saw X age rating go.

What is the Saw X age rating?

What is the Saw X age rating? When you think of Saw, you think of deviously-constructed death traps and you think of buckets and buckets of gore. That’s the sort of thing that tends to get a movie in trouble with the various ratings bodies.

Saw has a chequered history when it comes to both the MPAA in the States and the BBFC over in Britain. These ratings organizations have gone through the Saw movies in order and tried to decide exactly how much blood and guts the best horror movies in the franchise can include. The answer? Absolutely loads.

Multiple Saw films have been cut down in order to get even an R-rating in the United States, avoiding that dreaded NC-17. So, as we look to the new movies in the franchise and the Saw X release datewhat is the Saw X age rating? How far have they pushed it this time?

What is the Saw X age rating?

The Saw X age rating hasn’t been officially confirmed, but we’d expect it to get an R rating in the USA and an 18 certificate in the UK due to its gory violence.

We’d be stunned if the franchise breaks the habit of a lifetime and waters the chaos down in order to get a PG-13. Certainly, the Saw X trailer seems plenty blood-thirsty. Equally, we don’t think they’re going to embrace an NC-17 as the best movies in this franchise rely on bringing in mainstream multiplex crowds.

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Saw X sees Tobin Bell return as John Kramer, aka Jigsaw. This time around, he’s taking on the perpetrators of a medical scam they had claimed would help treat his cancer. If you’re confused about timelines – John died seven films ago, after all – we’ve got a guide answering that question: when does Saw X take place?

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