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Saw X ending explained

Saw X is the newest horror movie to be released in theaters, and we've broken down everything you need to know about the ending and post-credit scene.

Saw X ending explained: Mateo in a trap

How does Saw X end? If you’re stupid enough to con someone, just make sure it isn’t serial killer extraordinaire, John Kramer. Otherwise, you might find yourself stuck in one of his kill rooms, fighting for your life.

Saw X is one of the new movies in the franchise that has no fear of blood. We have some strong feelings about the horror movie, which you can see in our Saw X review, but we’ll put those aside for now to make sure you have every understanding of how things were wrapped up in the latest of the Saw movies in order.

From the characters’ fate to the additional scene, here’s everything you need to know about the Saw X ending and post-credit scene. Warning: major spoilers ahead, obviously.

How does Saw X end?

Saw X ends with John Kramer, Amanda, and Carlos escaping the kill room and leaving Cecilia behind to die.

In the Saw franchise, there’s usually only one winner, and that’s John Kramer. Like us, you might find that you’re struggling to choose who to root for because everyone is terrible in Saw X.

The Saw ending kicks off in earnest when the final prisoner in Jigsaw’s kill room, Cecilia, is saved by Parker. They hold John and Amanda hostage with a gun, and force John to chain himself to the last trap. But the trap is designed for two people and (for some reason) Cecilia decides to go outside and find Carlos, the young boy who lives on site who John befriended earlier in the movie.

She brings him in and straps him into the trap too. They activate it, and it’s revealed that the Saw X trap is essentially a waterboarding mechanism, but with blood. (Bloodboarding. Get it?) John and Carlos are quickly pummeled with buckets-worth of blood, and they begin to suffocate. Meanwhile, Cecilia and Parker go upstairs to take back their bag of money previously confiscated by John.

Saw X ending explained: Billy the Puppet

John reveals that there’s a lever beside each person on the trap, and when pulled, the platform tilts to get the other person out of the way of the blood. John sacrifices himself to take the brunt of it. However, innocent Carlos does the same, and the two gradually take turns pulling their levers to give the other person some time to breathe.

Upstairs, Cecilia and Parker grab the money back from the closet, but it activates something, and a timer begins to tick down. The door also automatically locks and it reveals…it’s all another trap. Of course! It turns out that John knew all about Parker, and he’d planned this all from the beginning. The activation of this also deactivates the bloodboarding trap, and John and Carlos free themselves.

In the upstairs room, a poisonous vapor begins to seep in through the vents. John was kind enough to build a hole in which they could put their heads to escape the toxic air but, of course, there’s only one. Cecilia and Parker quickly begin to fight to the death to save themselves. Cecilia stabs Parker, who falls to the ground and dies. His eyes turn white and his skin bubbles as a result of the air. Nice!

The toxic mist stops coming in, but Cecilia is still trapped in the room. John looks at her before taking Amanda and Carlos out, leaving Cecilia to yell after him. We can only assume that she’s trapped there for good, and will eventually die.

John, Amanda, and Carlos leave the house and walk off into the sunset. A happy ending for the worst people in the world!

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What happens in the Saw X post-credit scene?

In the Saw X post-credit scene, John Kramer has located and imprisoned Henry in a new trap, and we also see the return of the recurring franchise character Mark Hoffman.

All this takes place in a room that looks eerily similar to the dingy bathroom of the original Saw. John has clearly worked out that Henry was all part of the original medical scam, having been the one who recommended it to John in the first place, and he’s located him and brought him to his lair.

He’s strapped up to the ceiling and has a sharp collection of claw-like knives attached to a mechanism on his chest. John remarks that Henry’s scar, which Henry previously showed him as evidence of his ‘surgery’, is no longer there. Mark Hoffman comes into the room, and it’s implied that he was the one to help track Henry down for John.

Saw X ending explained: A pair of feet dangling from a trap

He jokes to Henry that it might have been “epic bad luck” to con the one and only John Kramer. John starts the machine, and he and Hoffman look on as the claws begin to work their way to Henry’s stomach, all set to give him the scar for real. The scene then cuts to the rest of the credits before we see any damage.

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