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Evil Dead Rise 2 release date speculation, cast, plot, and more news

We look into the Evil Dead Rise 2 release date, providing all the information on Evil Dead 6 and the next horror movie sequel in the iconic, bloody franchise.

Evil Dead Rise: Alyssa Sutherland

When is the Evil Dead Rise 2 release date? You just can’t keep a good Deadite down, and now the awful creatures have risen once again, back on the big screen to terrify and delight us all. Can you believe we’re on Evil Dead 6? Wild.

Evil Dead Rise has set up a new era for one of the best horror movie franchises ever. An isolated cabin is traded for a Los Angeles apartment building, but the levels of violence and mayhem are the same. Lee Cronin directed the zombie movie, while Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell took on production roles instead.

It’s a new day, but the same old Necronomicon. Now that the book is back on celluloid, when is the Evil Dead Rise 2 release date? How many more Evil Dead movies can we expect? Reader, you should scroll on, but be wary of what lies within…

Evil Dead Rise 2 release date speculation

As of May 2023, there is no Evil Dead Rise 2 release date. Another film hasn’t been confirmed yet, but comments from Bruce Campbell strongly suggest we’ll be getting a sequel sooner rather than later.

The plan from now on is to do an Evil Dead every couple of years, rather than every decade. How that materialises remains to be seen. In other words, stay tuned. Things are going to get groovy.

Evil Dead Rise 2 release date

Evil Dead Rise 2 cast speculation

We don’t know the Evil Dead Rise 2 cast, and at this point, it’s wide open. Lily Sullivan might return as Beth, and the Evil Dead Rise ending certainly suggests we’ll be remaining in Los Angeles.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Nell Fisher’s Kassie came back too – after all when you face Deadites, that tends to consume your life. One person we can confirm won’t be back is Bruce Campbell, who’s been emphatic that he’s just a producer now. He retired from Ash, and meant it.

The potential Evil Dead Rise 2 cast is:

  • Lily Sullivan as Beth
  • Nell Fisher as Kassie

Evil Dead Rise 2 release date

Evil Dead Rise 2 plot speculation

The Evil Dead Rise 2 plot will involve more people encountering the Necronomicon. Part of the canon is that there are three books, opening the possibilities for what another installment might involve.

Beth and Kassie could be tied into it, or perhaps Mia from the remake might return to tie the franchise together. Expect Deadites and blood, the rest is in the air.

Evil Dead Rise 2 release date

Evil Dead 6 trailer speculation

There isn’t an Evil Dead 6 trailer. We won’t see one until 2024 at the earliest, we’d estimate.

However, it’s always fun to go back through Evil Dead trailers of old. Marketing around this franchise matches the tongue-in-cheek vibe of the films perfectly.

Like this Army of Darkness trailer that features ‘Sad But True’ and other Black album songs by Metallica. Groovy indeed.

YouTube Thumbnail

Where can I watch Evil Dead Rise 2?

We don’t know what service will host Evil Dead Rise 2, or the first one, just yet. Amazon Prime Video is possible since that’s where Army of Darkness and the Evil Dead remake are available. Watch this space.

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