Paddington 3 release date speculation, cast, plot, and more news

Get your marmalade sandwiches ready because the bear is back for another new movie. So here's what we know about the Paddington 3 release date, cast, and plot.

Paddington 3 release date

What is the Paddington 3 release date? It’s time to head back to Windsor Gardens and spend more time in the utterly lovely company of the Browns, because Paddington is back. The big screen’s most delightful ursine creation – sorry, Winnie the Pooh – is finally ready to make his return.

With the 2014 film Paddington, director Paul King delivered one of the best kids movies of the 21st century. Three years later, he teamed with co-writer Simon Farnaby for Paddington 2 and delivered one of the best movies of all time. It has been a long wait since then, and we’ve lost King to his work on Wonka, but the bear is back for the eagerly-anticipated new movie Paddington in Peru.

So check under your hat, and hope there’s a marmalade sandwich there as we dive into the Paddington 3 release date and everything we know about what will almost certainly be one of the best family movies of the next few years. And if anyone thinks otherwise, give them a hard stare.

Paddington 3 release date speculation

As of June 2023, we don’t know the Paddington 3 release date, but it will likely to appear in 2024.

There were discussions about a possible Paddington 3 before the previous movie even arrived in cinemas. And given the success of Paddington 2 – it was the best-reviewed movie ever on Rotten Tomatoes for several months – a sequel was a no-brainer. Thanks to King’s departure, it took a while to be confirmed. But by 2021, Paddington 3 was a go.

In June 2022, we learned that the movie would be called Paddington in Peru, while John Lewis Christmas advert veteran Dougal Wilson was attached as director. Things went quiet until 2023, when it was announced that cameras would start rolling in July 2023.

If that filming schedule sticks, then it’s possible we could get Paddington 3 as early as the end of 2023. After all, both previous movies were November releases. However, both of those movies took around a year from the first day of filming to release. So it feels far more likely that it’ll be 2024 before Paddington comes bouncing back into our lives.

Ben Whishaw as the voice of Paddington Bear

Paddington 3 cast speculation

The Paddington 3 cast has not yet been confirmed as of June 2023, but we’d expect Ben Whishaw and the other key actors to return to their roles.

It’s difficult to believe that Paddington was once due to be voiced by Colin Firth, because the gentle, child-like voice of Ben Whishaw is so perfectly suited to the CGI bear. Though he’s not officially confirmed to return, we’d be stunned if he doesn’t get back in the booth.

We’d also imagine that the Brown family will be back, so it’s a return for Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Madeleine Harris, Samuel Joslin, and Julie Walters. Given that at least part of the movie will be set in Peru, Imelda Staunton will likely be back after her time in The Crown cast to voice Aunt Lucy again.

There’s a huge supporting cast of British comedy talent, but we don’t know which of them will be back. Unfortunately, we wouldn’t expect Hugh Grant to make a return as Phoenix Buchanan – one of the best movie villains in years – as he’s firmly locked up in prison. Franchise convention dictates a whole new bad guy.

Paddington 3 cast

Predicted Paddington 3 cast list:

  • Ben Whishaw as Paddington
  • Imelda Staunton as Aunt Lucy
  • Hugh Bonneville as Henry Brown
  • Sally Hawkins as Mary Brown
  • Madeleine Harris as Judy Brown
  • Samuel Joslin as Jonathan Brown
  • Julie Walters as Mrs Bird
  • Jim Broadbent as Mr Gruber
  • Peter Capaldi as Mr Curry

The Paddington movies have a colourful cast of comedy movie stars

Paddington 3 plot speculation

We know that the Paddington 3 plot will take our favourite bear back to his homeland of Peru.

That’s pretty much all we have to go on as far as the Paddington 3 plot goes, so we expect that Paddington will travel back to Peru in order to see Aunt Lucy after their emotional reunion (understatement of the century, we’re still crying) at the end of Paddington 2.

Other than that, it’s difficult to know where the stakes will be pitched this time around. The first movie was about an evil taxidermist who wanted to kill Paddington and stuff him, while the second followed a thief trying to steal a pop-up book on the hunt for hidden treasure. A bit of a shift in seriousness.

Of course, the fact Peru plays a bigger role in the new movie means we could be up for more of a globe-trotting adventure. Despite that, though, we’re sure there will be plenty of London-set action featuring Paddington, the Browns, and the rest of the ensemble cast.

Ben Whishaw will return to voice the title character in Paddington 3

Is there a Paddington 3 trailer?

No, there isn’t a trailer for Paddington 3 just yet. But you can absolutely spend some time watching this compilation of the funniest moments from the previous movies. Well worth settling down with a cuppa to enjoy this.

YouTube Thumbnail

How can I watch Paddington 3?

Sadly, there’s no way to watch Paddington 3 as the movie hasn’t gone into production yet. 

However, both previous movies are available on streaming services. The first Paddington movie is available on Netflix in both the USA and the UK. As for the sequel, Paddington 2 is streaming on DirecTV, TNT, and TruTV in the USA. British viewers can find Paddington 2 on both Netflix and Prime Video.

That’s everything we know about Paddington 3 for now, but be sure to check back as we learn more about our trip to darkest Peru.

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