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Paddington 3 cast just added the MCU’s newest star

We're hyped for Paddington in Peru, especially now there's a big addition to the Paddington 3 cast. This Secret Invasion star has come straight from the MCU.

The Paddington 3 cast just added an MCU actor

The simply adorable return of Paddington Bear is coming very soon, and the Paddington 3 cast is growing in advance of the Paddington 3 release date. It’s set to be one of the loveliest new movies of the next few years, and it’s just added a new MCU star to its ensemble.

Olivia Colman made her Marvel series debut this week in the first episode of Secret Invasion, playing the manipulative and experienced MI6 official Sonya Falsworth. Away from starring in what could be one of the best TV series of the summer, she’s also lining up a contender for one of the best family movies on the horizon.

Deadline revealed that Colman will appear in Paddington 3, currently titled Paddington in Peru, as the Reverend Mother. She’s a guitar-playing nun who runs the Home for Retired Bears, where Paddington’s beloved Aunt Lucy has been living. So far, so Colman.

The plot of the new Paddington adventure will see the bear and his adopted family travel to visit Aunt Lucy, only for a mystery to send them off into the Amazon and up to the mountain peaks of Peru. Say goodbye to cosy London, because this franchise is going international – with the help of Colman, of course.

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There are a handful of other new arrivals alongside Colman, with Antonio Banderas joining the cast as a hunter who offers to help the Browns through the rainforest. He’s got secret villain written all over him, right?

Rachel Zegler will play his daughter, fresh from being a part of the Shazam cast and previously leading one of the best musicals of the modern era with the West Side Story remake.

In surprising and upsetting news, Sally Hawkins will no longer appear as Mrs Brown, passing the role on to Emily Mortimer. Hugh Bonneville, though, is back alongside Paddington voice actor Ben Whishaw and the rest of the core cast.

We firmly believe that Paddington 2 is one of the best movies of all time, and so we’re very excited to see what this franchise has in store. It’s sad to see Hawkins go, along with director Paul King, but we’re sure the new arrivals will take good care of author Michael Bond’s bear.

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