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How many seasons of Outlander will there be?

If you're curious about how many seasons of Outlander there will be, we've got solid answers about the future of the fantasy series, including when it's ending.

John Bell as Ian Murray in Outlander

How many seasons of Outlander will there be? The STARZ time-travel series about Jamie and Claire Fraser is a global hit, with fans tuning in for more fantasy drama every season.

If you’re wondering how many more seasons of Outlander there will be, you’re not alone. We’ve followed the Frasers for almost a decade. One of the best fantasy series on TV has to end at some point, though.

Here are the confirmed details on how many seasons of Outlander are there, if the show is ending any time soon, the Outlander season 7 release schedule, and when we can expect to say goodbye to the gorgeous Outlander filming locations.

How many seasons of Outlander will there be?

There will be a total of eight seasons of Outlander, since the series will end after season 8 airs. This was confirmed by STARZ.

Season 8 of Outlander was confirmed to be the end of this story by the network some time ago. With the announcement, they revealed season 7 would be long with sixteen episodes. We don’t know how many episodes of Outlander there will be in season 8, but it could be similarly lengthy to make it a satisfying farewell.

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How many seasons of Outlander are on Netflix?

There are five seasons of Outlander on Netflix: the streamer currently has seasons 1-5 available in the US. The STARZ app, however, has every episode.

If you’re only just starting this journey, you can watch the first five seasons on Netflix in the US. For people in the UK, Lionsgate Plus is where you’ll find Outlander season 7 streaming as well as past episodes.

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