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Does Jamie die in Outlander?

The fantasy series is based on a series of books, but when it comes to the TV drama, here's the answer to the burning question of does Jamie die in Outlander.

Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser in Outlander season 7

Does Jamie die in Outlander? The TV series is based on Diana Gabaldon’s successful book series, and while there are deviations, broad strokes are usually adhered to.

The series has taken some different paths, stretching its own story out to a whopping eight seasons, with the show set to end after season 8. But what about Jamie’s fate in the Outlander books and show?

Here’s what we’ve gathered about all the possibilities relating to the question: does Jamie die in Outlander?

Does Jamie die in Outlander?

Jamie has not died in the Outlander books or TV series, yet. The show will end with season 8, but nothing has been confirmed about deaths. In the books, he’s still alive.

Outlander is approaching book 10, and while the author has hinted on her website that Jamie or Claire could bite the dust should she decide that’s the sensible way to end the series, it hasn’t happened yet. Whew… wipe your brow for now.

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Does Jamie die in the Outlander books?

At the end of book 7, ‘An Echo in the Bone’, Jamie was thought dead after his ship went missing. Claire remarried and then found out he survived.

We personally don’t see the series adapting this arc when the show is so close to ending. But Gabaldon did tell Cinema Blend about book 10 potentially being the last, saying, “Well, it depends on Jamie and Claire. If they’re not ready to die yet then I guess I’ll have to go on.”

Dark stuff, but that did make us giggle. These characters are sturdy, to say the least. For more on the Frasers, read our Outlander season 7 review, how to watch Outlander season 7, and visit beautiful Scottish locales with the Outlander filming locations.