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One Piece filler list - all the episodes and arcs you can skip

In the vast high seas of One Piece content, here are all the One Piece filler episodes and arcs from the long running hit anime series that you can skip over.

One Piece Filler episodes: Luffy holding his fist in the One Piece anime series

What are all the One Piece filler episodes? Based on Eiichiro Oda’s manga series of the same name, One Piece is one of the most beloved and long-running anime series of all time. Over the years, we have seen over 1000 episodes packed with laughs, tears, and excitement. However, let’s get facts straight; there’s plenty of One Piece filler to shift through, too.

One Piece, at the time of writing, is still one of the best anime series, even with 16 filler arcs in its story. We’ve witnessed our favorite One Piece characters dive into their backstories and take detours away from the main pirate king quest time and time again. And, while One Piece has fewer filler arcs than other shounen anime – such as Naruto filler episodes – fans who are anxious to get on with Luffy’s story and first-time watchers may want to skip all the unnecessary fluff.

With this in mind, The Digital Fix has watched all of One Piece in order yet again and has mapped out all the One Piece filler episodes and arcs you can brush past. So, if you’re pressed for time and want to see the Straw Hats get on with their quest to find Gol D. Roger’s ultimate treasure (the One Piece), get ready to set sail and start reading!

Here is the full One Piece filler episodes list:

  1. Episodes 54-61 (Warship Island Arc)
  2. Episodes 131-135 (Post-Arabasta Arc)
  3. Episodes 136-138 (Goat Island Arc)
  4. Episodes 139-143(Ruluka Island Arc)
  5. Episodes 196-206 (G-8 Arc)
  6. Episodes 220-224 (Ocean’s Dream Arc)
  7. Episodes 225-228 (Foxy’s Return Arc)
  8. Episodes 326-335 (Ice Hunter Arc)
  9. Episodes 382-384 (Spa Island Arc)
  10. Episodes 426-429 (Little East Blue Arc)
  11. Episodes 575-578 (Z’s Ambition Arc)
  12. Episodes 626-628 (Caesar Retrieval Arc)
  13. Episodes 747-750 (Silver Mine Arc)
  14. Episodes 780-782 (Marine Rookie Arc)
  15. Episodes 895-896 (Cider Guild Arc)
  16. Episodes 1029-1030 (Uta’s Past Arc)

One Piece filler episodes: Warship Island Arc

1. Warship Island Arc (Episodes 54-61)

Set just after the East Blue Saga, Warship Island is the first filler arc in One Piece and follows the Straw Hats rescuing the young girl Apis, who escapes from a military warship.

The arc is just before the Straw Hat Pirates go into the Grand Line and can easily be given a miss if you fancy getting into the main story.

One Piece filler episodes: Post-Alabasta Arc

2. Post-Alabasta Arc (Episodes 131-135)

If its name didn’t give it away already, the Post-Alabasta Arc takes place after the Alabasta Arc and is comprised of five stand-alone episodes.

Different crew members of the Straw Hats get the spotlight, and while we do get some insight into the anime characters‘ backstories, overall, Post-Alabasta is one of the easiest filler arcs to justify skipping.

One Piece filler episodes: Goat Island arc

3. Goat Island Arc (Episodes 136-138)

Listen, I love animals and the idea of a goat army as much as the next person, but Goat Island is a bit of a distraction when it comes to One Piece story progression.

The Straw Hats end up on an Island, where they meet an old man with a habit of playing games and stealing their possessions. Ultimately, the gang gets back their belongings, but these episodes don’t add much in the grand scheme of things.

One Piece filler episodes: Ruluka Island Arc

4. Ruluka Island Arc (Episodes 139-143)

Thanks to Ruluka Island happening straight after Goat Island, it is one of the easiest filler arcs to skip over in the animated series.

It follows the pirates landing on yet another mystery island – this time with a dictator who has been raising taxes in order to build the Rainbow Tower.

One Piece filler episodes: G-8 arc

5. G-8 Arc (Episodes 196-206)

Set after the Sky Island Saga, G-8 sees Luffy and his crew leave Sky Island, but instead of landing on the high seas, they are trapped in a fortified Marine base.

From there, our anime characters must escape and reclaim their ship. These episodes are pretty fun but are still ultimately filler, so don’t be afraid to give it a skip.

One Piece filler episodes: Ocean's Dream Arc

6. Ocean’s Dream Arc (Episodes 220-224)

Ocean’s Dream follows a story where the Straw Hats (apart from Nico Robin) lose their memories — meaning they have forgotten each other and all their pirating adventures. So cue some fun chaos!

While the premise is quirky and has a fun supernatural horror anime vibe, ultimately, this arc is separate from the main storyline and is best left skipped — especially for first-time viewers.

One Piece filler episodes: Foxy's Return Arc

7. Foxy’s Return Arc (Episodes 225-228)

Remember one of the most disliked One Piece characters in the series’ history? Well, Foxy is back, and this filler arc rehashes his relationship with The Straw Hat Pirates.

We definitely recommend skipping these episodes, as Foxy should be left in the past, period. (Sorry to all you Foxy fans, but we stand by this hot take.)

One Piece filler episodes: Ice Hunters Arc

8. Ice Hunter Arc (Episodes 326-335)

The Ice Hunter Arc is full of bounty hunters, and while exciting – it feels very separate from the rest of One Piece. I mean, having more antagonists besides the World Government is all well and good, but is pretty distracting, to say the least.

In the arc, the Straw Hats come across a crew in distress and ultimately decide to help them. However, the people end up working for the new anime villains, the Accino Family.

One Piece filler episodes: Spa Island

9. Spa Island Arc (Episodes 382-384)

Every anime needs some fan service, and for One Piece, the Spa Island Arc is packed with it — but little else. The crew ends up enjoying activities on an artificial island, meets some new faces, and encounters Foxy and his crew yet again.

In short, the Spa Island Arc is an easy filler to justify missing, and you won’t lose anything if you decide to give these episodes a skip.

One Piece filler episodes: Little East Blue Arc

10. Little East Blue Arc (Episodes 426-429)

Little East Blue is a filler arc that is meant to lead into the anime movie, One Piece Film: Strong World. So, if you want to watch the movie, these episodes are worth checking out.

But, if you are sticking strictly to the TV series, it is best left unwatched, as these episodes serve as context before the film — not as a huge overall story driver.

One Piece filler episodes: Z's Ambition Arc

11. Z’s Ambition Arc (Episodes 575-578)

The first filler arc to take place after the time skip, Z’s Ambition sees the Straw Hat Pirates head into the New World where they are halted by a fleet of Marine ships.

Like Little East Blue, Z’s Ambition is pretty skippable unless you want to watch the movie One Piece Film: Z.

One Piece filler episodes: Caesar's Retrieval Arc

12. Caesar Retrieval Arc (Episodes 626-628)

The One Piece villain, Caesar Clown, is kidnapped and held hostage on the Straw Hats ship in the Caesar Retrieval arc. These are some of the better filler episodes as they give context to Caesar and his relationships with Luffy and the gang.

Still, while this arc may add some depth to one of One Piece’s most decisive cartoon characters, it is still filler and skippable at the end of the day.

One Piece filler episodes: Silver Mine Arc

13. Silver Mine Arc (Episodes 747-750)

Kidnapping is the subject of this filler arc, too. However, this time, there are no clown-nosed movie villains. Instead, Luffy and Bartolomeo find themselves captured by the Silver Mine Alliance and must fight their way through the pirate’s fortress to freedom.

This filler arc does showcase how far Luffy’s power has come. But, it still lacks the narrative depth and importance to escape its skippable status. Still, it does lead into the animated movie One Piece: Gold, so if you are a film fan, check it out.

One Piece filler episodes: marine Rookie Arc

14. Marine Rookie Arc (Episodes 780-782)

The Marine Rookie Arc is a fun story where Luffy and the Sanji Retrieval Team raid a marine base for its food supplies. I mean, it is the least Luffy could do after wasting all their food and threatening full-out starvation in the first place, right?

The gang puts on disguises and gets into some stealing business. Still, with lacking action and overall plot progression, the Marine Rookie Arc is more of a distraction than a series of must-watch episodes.

One Piece filler episodes: Cider Guild Arc

15. Cidre Guild Arc (Episodes 895,896)

Here is another case of a filler arc directly tying into a movie in the One Piece franchise. In the Cider Guild Arc case, that film is One Piece: Stampede.

During the episodes, the Straw Hats encounter the Cidre Guild, a group of bounty hunters after their heads. Taking place just before the events of Wano Country, this arc is a distraction, and many fans will want to miss it.

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16. Uta’s Past (Episodes 1029,1030)

Uta’s Past ties into the anime character Uta, who was introduced in the new movie One Piece: Red. She is the adoptive daughter of Shanks and a childhood friend of Luffy. During these episodes, we get to see the history of Uta before the events of One Piece: Red.

However, ultimately Uta is barely in the One Piece canon, and it is easy to justify skipping over her filler episodes, too. But, we will say that you won’t regret watching this filler, since Uta is a great character and has a super unique Devil Fruit power as well.

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