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Is Matthew McConaughey in Yellowstone?

With Kevin Costner leaving the Paramount Plus Western series it's the end of an era. Here's what we know about Matthew McConaughey in Yellowstone going forward.

Is Matthew McConaughey in Yellowstone? Still from true detective

Is Matthew McConaughey in Yellowstone? The future of Yellowstone just got its biggest update, and the whole series is now in flux.

Yellowstone is officially coming to an end, and the upcoming second half of Yellowstone season 5 will be the final instalment in one of the best TV series of recent years. This is a big deal for the millions who tune in to watch Yellowstone and its various spin-offs, with the future of the Yellowstone timeline and Yellowstone cast now in doubt. Here’s what we know on if Matthew McConaughey is now in Yellowstone.

Is Matthew McConaughey in Yellowstone?

After months of rumors, it was confirmed by Paramount Plus in June 2023 that Matthew McConaughey will join Yellowstone as the lead of a sequel series to the Kevin Costner show. 

A Matthew McConaughey Yellowstone series will be a successor to the Kevin Costner-led Yellowstone, though it is currently unclear how exactly his series will connect to Kevin Costner’s. This will be clarified in the future as Yellowstone season 5 eventually returns, setting up a new series as it says farewell.

Luckily, multiple sources have said that the sequel series will go ahead, regardless of how the flagship series comes to an end. Meaning that no matter what happens, we will always have some version of Yellowstone to look forward to.

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Sheridan has confirmed that the McConaughey series will have ‘Yellowstone’ in the title, and that it will air on the Paramount Plus streaming service alongside the rest of the spin-off shows.

“He seems like a natural fit,” Sheridan said [via The Hollywood Reporter]. “We had a few conversations over the years, and spitballed a few ideas. Then he started watching Yellowstone and responded to it. He was like, ‘I want to do that.’ And by ‘that’ he meant diving into a raw world clashing up against the modern world. And then I said, ‘Buddy, that we can do.'”

He also dropped a hint as to what we can expect from the new series, although it really doesn’t give much away.

“My idea of a spin-off is the same as my idea of a prequel — read into that what you will,” he added. “There are lots of places where a way of life that existed for 150 years is slamming against a new way of life, but the challenges are completely different. There are a lot of places you can tell this story.”

Well, no matter how this series shapes up, you can bet that we’ll be watching. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we hear more, but for more Yellowstone in the meantime, check out our guides to the 6666 release date, 1923 season 2 release date, and Bass Reeves release date.

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