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1923 release date: when is Harrison Ford’s Yellowstone series out?

Harrison Ford is joining Yellowstone in the 1923 release date, and we've got all the details on the latest chapter in Paramount's drama series

1923 release date

When is the 1923 release date? The story of the Dutton family in the Yellowstone timeline is about to get deeper still, with another drama series in Taylor Sheridan’s ever-expanding franchise. This chapter will cover the great-great-uncle of Kevin Costner’s John Dutton, who handles the ranch during the Great Depression.

As Yellowstone season 5 continues John’s story, we learn about what life on the ranch was like during one of the lowest points in America’s history, some years after they settled in Montana in 1883 season 2. Going by Yellowstone thus far, there’ll be plenty of outside struggle to complement the familial issues. This could be one of the biggest installments yet, thanks in no small part to Harrison Ford being the lead.

When can you see Ford’s first genuine venture into television? We’ve got everything worth knowing on the 1923 release date, as well the other confirmed members of the cast, and where you can catch the show. Buckle in, it’s almost time to ride once again.

When is the 1923 release date?

1923 will premiere on December 18, 2022. The first season is eight episodes long, and it’ll be available exclusively on Paramount Plus. It’s expected the story will be told across two seasons of equal length, as creator Taylor Sheridan believes this is the optimum amount of time for the prequel.

1923 release date: Harrison Ford in Yellowstone 1923

Is there a 1923 trailer?

There is indeed a Yellowstone 1923 trailer. The first teaser was released in November, and it’s a tight look at what’s coming. Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren are in full Western mode, wielding rifles in a couple of shots.

YouTube Thumbnail

Mirren provides narration for the video, about violence haunting the family. This could be one of the most tumultuous chapters in the Dutton’s history yet.

1923 release date

What will happen in the 1923 plot?

The official 1923 synopsis reads: “1923 focuses on the Dutton family’s next two generations as they struggle to survive historic drought, lawlessness and Prohibition, and an epidemic of cattle theft; all battled beneath the cloud of Montana’s great depression, which preceded the nation by almost a decade.”

We know it’ll cover economic turmoil coming into the Great Depression. The ’20s were a difficult time in the US, as WWI raged on, and 1923 is going to dramatise some of that struggle from the perspective of the Dutton family.

1923 is essentially a bridge between the main Yellowstone, taking place several decades before Kevin Costner’s John Dutton is born, and sibling prequel 1883. Between them all, we’ll get a detail view on what the Duttons have sacrificed for their ranch.

1923 release date: Hellen Mirren in Yellowstone 1923

Who is in the 1923 cast?

This is the exciting part: Harrison Ford is leading 1923 as Jacob Dutton, and Helen Mirren is opposite him as Cara Dutton. Jacob and Cara are John’s grandparents, and in-laws to James Dutton from 1883.

Besides A-listers, Jerome Flynn, Timothy Dalton, Robert PAtrick, and Michelle Randolph are confirmed as various characters. The Yellowstone franchise is increasingly becoming a major force when it comes to its casts.

The confirmed 1923 Yellowstone cast is:

  1. Harrison Ford as Jacob Dutton
  2. Helen Mirren as Cara Dutton
  3. Darren Mann as Jack Dutton
  4. Michelle Randolph as Elizabeth Strafford
  5. James Badge Dale as John Dutton Sr
  6. Marley Shelton as Emma Dutton
  7. Timothy Dalton as Donald Whitfield
  8. Robert Patrick as Sheriff William McDowell
  9. Jerome Flynn as Banner Creighton
  10. Brian Geraghty as Zane
  11. Aminah Nieves as Teonna Rainwater
  12. Julia Schlaepfer as Alexandra
  13. Brandon Sklenar as Spencer Dutton
  14. Jennifer Ehle as Sister Mary O’Connor
  15. Sebastian Roché

That’s everything known about 1923 Yellowstone so far. We’ll keep you updated as more news drops on the show. For now, have a look at our guide to the best Westerns, or we have a guide to the Yellowstone cast you might enjoy.