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Will there be a Heart of Stone 2?

Gal Gadot's Netflix movie is already making an explosive impact on one of the best streaming services, so there could be a Heart of Stone 2 release date soon.

Heart of Stone 2 release date

Will there be a Heart of Stone 2? Gal Gadot’s newest Netflix thriller has now blasted its way on to the streaming platform in a hail of bullets and explosions. Gadot is one of Netflix’s favorite action stars, and so talk will inevitably turn to a sequel.

Heart of Stone casts Gal Gadot as intelligence agent Rachel Stone, who has to keep a powerful AI system – definitely different to The Entity in the new Mission Impossible movie – safe from falling into dangerous hands. It’s off to a disappointing start in terms of reviews, but there’s enough star power here to put it among the best Netflix movies in terms of viewership. Just look at Extraction.

Gadot already has a big Netflix sequel on the way with the Red Notice 2 release date, so she’ll be hoping that another of her new movies can spawn a follow-up. But will there be a Heart of Stone 2, and when can we expect to see it?

Will there be a Heart of Stone 2?

Netflix has not announced Heart of Stone 2 yet, but director Tom Harper is very keen to turn the movie into a big action franchise with Gal Gadot at its center.

We’re only a few days out from the Heart of Stone release date, so we haven’t had an official Netflix announcement. However, the streamer has historically been quite speedy with sequel news, so it’s worth keeping your eyes open.

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Director Tom Harper, previously best known for Wild Rose and Peaky Blinders, told Entertainment Weekly that he envisions this as a big, female-led franchise of the best action movies.

He said: “There’s plenty that I’d like to explore more with Rachel in that regard. There’s plenty of rich territory with Rachel, with the Heart, with the Charter. Ultimately we have to see how well it does and see how people like it, but I’m excited about it.”

So the director is keen. All eyes now turn to Netflix. As we speak, they’ll be crunching the numbers to see whether it’s worth setting off some more explosions around Gal Gadot. We’ll keep this guide updated when we know more.

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