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Mission Impossible 7 - What is The Entity?

The antagonist of the new action movie is a little different than what we or Ethan Hunt are used to. Here we explain The Entity in Mission Impossible 7.

What is The Entity in Mission Impossible 7? Cary Elwes as Denlinger in Mission Impossible 7

What is The Entity in Mission Impossible 7? Ethan Hunt has faced many foes in his time. But the newest movie in the franchise has him face of against his most troubling enemy yet: The Entity.

The new Mission Impossible movie lays ground for Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) to return to battle a new enemy. But this time, the spy movie antagonist is something of an unusual one. Referred to as ‘The Entity’, a computer algorithm goes rogue and is set to disrupt the entire balance of some of the world’s most secure digital intelligence.

But what is The Entity in Mission Impossible 7? And what can it do? Well, read on agents, because we’ve got the lowdown on everything you need to know about this mysterious digital being. (Spoilers ahead!)

What is The Entity in Mission Impossible 7?

The Entity is a sentient computer algorithm that has the abilities to breach and take control of the world’s intelligence networks. It essentially serves as the antagonist of the movie after The Entity goes rogue and causes a worldwide battle for control over what is basically the most powerful computer program we’ve ever seen.

Initially used on a Russian submarine, The Entity managed to take control of itself and become a subject of torment for the federal reserve, the stock markets, and the central banks of the world. It’s able to manipulate at will through digital reality, meaning that most are powerless to stop it.

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The Entity can easily be weaponized, since it can corrupt any digital network easily. Once the world’s powers become aware of the potential, a global race ensues to locate the access key that allows control over the system. Whoever holds the key essentially holds the power for complete digital world domination. Yikes.

The Entity does need some human lackey to do its bidding. In this movie, it’s Gabriel, an old foe from Ethan’s past. In Mission Impossible 7, in order to put a stop to the inevitable fallout that will occur when The Entity falls into the hands of the highest bidder, Ethan and his team must travel across the world to locate the second half of the key and work out what exactly it leads to, and how it relates to The Entity.

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By the film’s end, they find out that the key will unlock the original source code for The Entity, and will allow them to take control of (or, ultimately destroy) the system. The catch? The only way they can do this is by accessing the source code on the Sevastopol, the Russian submarine which now lays on the bottom of the ocean.

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