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You can now watch Fast and Furious 10 at home (yes, already)

It has been just three weeks since Fast X arrived in cinemas, but new movies arrive on digital platforms very quickly these days. Say hello to the Fast Family.

Jason Statham as Deckard Shaw in Fast and Furious 10

We’ve all become used to new movies making their way to digital platforms and the best streaming services within a few months of release, but Fast and Furious 10 is bucking that trend. The new Fast and Furious theatrical window has proven to be even shorter than Dom Toretto’s temper.

Fast and Furious 10 arrived in cinemas on May 19, and we explained our love for one of the franchise’s best movies in our Fast X review, but it is already available on digital platforms in the USA.

That’s just three weeks between its multiplex debut and home release – an unprecedented move for such a major release in the post-pandemic world.

The official Fast and Furious account on Twitter announced the streaming news this week, allowing fans to experience one of the best action movies of 2023 from the comfort of their living rooms.

It doesn’t seem that this decision is a reflection of Fast X’s power at the box office either, with the movie already sat at more than $600m worldwide. It’s currently third on the list of highest grossing movies of the year, ahead of the likes of Ant-Man 3 and John Wick 4.

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While it would have struggled to reach the $1bn mark over the summer, it absolutely would not have been out of the question.

Given that you can now watch it without leaving your house for $19.99 on platforms including Amazon, Google Play, Microsoft, and DirecTV, its cinema takings are unlikely to swell much more.

It’s great news, however, for fans of the Fast and Furious movies, who can now experience the best Fast and Furious characters – including Jason Momoa becoming one of the best movie villains in the series – in all of their glory. There are certainly a few action sequences we can’t wait to watch again.

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