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Is Extraction 2 streaming? How to watch the new Chris Hemsworth movie

It's the sequel to one of the biggest Netflix movies in the history of the streaming service and Chris Hemsworth is back, so here's how to watch Extraction 2.

Chris Hemsworth in Extraction 2, which will be streaming on Netflix soon

Is Extraction 2 streaming? Chris Hemsworth is back as Tyler Rake, the mercenary with a moral code, in the wake of the enormous success of the first movie from director Sam Hargrave and writer Joe Russo on Netflix.

The first Extraction was a monster hit for Netflix in 2020, proving to be one of its best action movies and drawing 99 million viewers in its first month on the service. Extraction 2 sees Rake hired to execute a daring prison break in order to free the family of a Georgian gangster, and Idris Elba is in this one too.

Extraction fans will be thrilled to see a sequel to one of the best Chris Hemsworth movies, and they’ll want to know how to watch Extraction 2. So let’s delve into the best streaming services and find out where one of the most hard-hitting new movies of the year is available to watch online.

Where can I watch Extraction 2?

Extraction 2 is now streaming on Netflix having released on Friday, June 16, 2023. So, if you love watching Chris Hemsworth punching big men, you’re in luck.

The continued, bone-crunching adventures of Tyler Rake will be available to experience exclusively on Netflix. We’re currently waiting patiently for an Extraction 3 release date, but it can surely be only a matter of time.

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Is Extraction 2 streaming?

Extraction 2 is streaming exclusively on Netflix, having landed on the streaming service on Friday, June 16, 2023. 

You’ll need a Netflix subscription in order to see Chris Hemsworth kicking a serious butt in his latest movie.

Is Extraction 2 on Netflix?

Yes! Netflix is the exclusive home of Extraction 2, so that’s the service you need to watch it. 

Hopefully, the devoted army of Hemsworth fans will think the new adventure justifies paying the Netflix price. It’s one of the biggest movies of the year for subscribers, but will it be one of the best movies of all time?

Is Extraction 2 on Disney Plus?

No, Extraction 2 isn’t on Disney Plus, and it won’t be any time soon. 

Extraction is one of Netflix’s biggest properties, so the streamer won’t want its golden goose to appear on another platform.

Chris Hemsworth goes all-action in Extraction 2 on Netflix

Is Extraction 2 on Prime Video?

Nope, you can’t currently watch Extraction 2 on Prime Video. 

It’s unlikely that the movie will be made available to stream, but it could show up for rental or digital purchase in the future if Netflix so chooses.

Is Extraction 2 on Blu-ray?

Extraction 2 is not on Blu-ray yet, and we think it’s unlikely to be released on physical formats. 

There are some examples of the best Netflix movies making the jump to Blu-ray, but it’s very much a case-by-case situation. The first Extraction movie has never been released to own as a Blu-ray and the second will likely continue that trend.

Chris Hemsworth in Netflix movie Extraction 2

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