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This Extraction 2 fight can “rival” the best Korean movie of all time

The director of the upcoming action movie Extraction 2, has just hinted that a future fighting sequence can rival one of the best Korean movies of all time.

This Extraction 2 fight can “rival” the best Korean movie of all time

When it comes to the best action movies in recent years, no one can deny that Extraction is on the list. However, it looks like its upcoming sequel, Extraction 2, is shooting for the stars and is looking to overtake not only its predecessor but one of the best Korean movies ever made: Oldboy.

For those who may not know, Extraction 2 sees Chris Hemsworth back as the mercenary Tyler Rake as he sets out to rescue a gangster’s family from prison. In the upcoming thriller movie, there is a 21-minute long one-shot sequence, which was teased in the flick’s trailer. In the clip, we saw that the sequence involved Hemsworth fighting baddies while on fire.

During an interview with Screenrant, director Sam Hargrave shared how Extraction‘s writer Joe Russo had specified that this fight scene rival that of Park Chan-wook’s iconic work, Oldboy. A tall order indeed.

“The gauntlet had been laid, and then when it came out in its script form, the descriptor I think was, ‘A sequence to rival Oldboy’ and ‘The greatest oner in cinema history,’ those kinds of things, which read really well, when you’re reading it, like, ‘Oh my gosh, yes, it’s gonna be amazing, I can picture it.'” Hargrave explained.

However, the filmmaker went on to reveal that the production was challenging at points, especially as filming had to change locations from Australia to Prague, Czech Republic, and deal with some Covid-19-related issues. Still, Hargrave seems positive about the state of the upcoming Netflix movie.

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“Luckily, we had an amazing stunt team who was very malleable, and they can change and adapt, and we came up with what I think was a fun sequence,” he said.

We are curious to see if Extraction 2 has managed to surpass Oldboy. Thankfully, we won’t be waiting long as the film is set to release on the streaming service Netflix on June 16. While waiting, here are our guides to the best Chris Hemsworth movies and the best movies of all time.

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