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Peacemaker season 2 update from James Gunn just made our day

As the head of the DCU, James Gunn is obviously a very busy man these days, but he's still finding time to work on Peacemaker season 2.

John Cena as Peacemaker

At this point, James Gunn must have mastered the cloning process, because the man has so many different things going on I simply cannot comprehend how he keeps all the plates spinning. As if Superman Legacy wasn’t time-consuming enough, he’s just revealed he’s busy working on the Peacemaker season 2 script now.

Taking on the top job within the DCU was always going to lead to a pretty hectic schedule. With all the upcoming DC movies on the slate, it’s easy to forget that Gunn also has small-screen work to take care of, like figuring out the Peacemaker season 2 release date, for one.

Gunn clearly hasn’t forgotten about the DC character, though, and when a fan asked for an update on Peacemaker’s next chapter on Threads, Gunn replied: “I’m about to go upstairs and continue writing season 2.”

We know by now that Peacemaker will have to wait for Superman Legacy, the project that is taking the majority of Gunn’s attention at present. But it seems the big man is far from an afterthought for the king of Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters.

Gunn has already revealed that he will use Peacemaker to solve many of the continuity issues carrying over from the DCEU, with confirmation that the next season of the TV series will take place in the new timeline while also addressing the past. For anyone who’s been watching all the DC movies in order (god bless you), it may come as a relief that things will be straightened out somewhat.

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If anyone can clean up a messy situation, it’s Peacemaker. But we shouldn’t get too excited just yet. While Gunn may be writing the scripts as we speak, that still leaves us a long way off a season 2 premiere. We believe the Peacemaker cast will return at some point in 2026, which means new movies like Batman: The Brave and the Bold will arrive first.

There’s also the Creature Commandos release date penciled in for 2025, along with other TV projects like Lanterns and Waller, which don’t have a specific release date right now. Before we get to any of these, though, there’s the Aquaman 2 release date coming up next month. So, Peacemaker will have to wait, which we’re sure he’ll be delighted about!