TDF newcomer Nick Freeman takes a look at this delightful true encounter between an LGBT rights group and the miners.

The Woman In Black: Angel of Death trailer

The unexpected follow-up to the excellent Woman in Black gets a trailer.

Whiplash (London Film Festival 2014)

Blood on the drum tracks...

Upcoming Orson Welles Documentary

The life and times of Charles Foster Kane...oh wait......

Paddington Trailer

No red wellies but Paddington is coming (to life) this November.

Fury (London Film Festival 2014)

War is evil, gruesome, and actually rather dull...


The Wachowski's debut, Bound gets a superlative Blu-ray release courtesy of Arrow.

Assassin’s Creed Unity Experience Trailer #3

Immersive Open World Activities

Meridian: New World

A nostalgic return for a lost genre or a failed attempt to bring back the past?

The Evil Within

I ain't afraid of no ghost...unfortunately.

Warlock 2: The Exiled Giveaway

Just in time for the new expansion.


If you like a lotta chocolate on your biscuit join our club

Beer:Geek #10 Anspach & Hobday

Beer for the discerning gentleman. Or lady.

Dell Venue 11 Pro review

We check out Dell's Windows 8 tablet - is it an iPad killer? and what killer feature does it have?

OnePlus One Review (Sandstone Black 64 GB)

We take a look at OnePlus' 2014 'Flagship Killer'


Provincial Commoners : a review of Province from Laboratory

Board of Education

Bring the family together with a board game or three.

Beer:Geek #9 Left Hand Brewing

For once the Left Hand path leads to (liquid) heaven.

New book celebrates the Commodore 64

We are all just Cannon Fodder.

Haken - The Garage, London

Dawn of a new prog.

Hurry on Sundown: The Twilight Sad interview

We sit down with James Graham ahead of the band's new album.

Devo live album emerges from archives

Are we not men? Well, speak for yourself.

Culture Club - Heaven, London

The Boy is back in town! A gallery from Culture Club's first London show in 12 years.

Dark Fortress - Camden Underworld, London

Darkness descends on London town.

The Apprentice: 10.03 Home Fragrance

The margins were tight for the latest episode of The Apprentice but which two contestants were fired?

The Walking Dead: 5.01 & 5.02

Bloody, brutal, violent, death, anger, cannibilism. Yes, The Walking Dead is back.

Peaky Blinders: 2.03

Whether family or war, it’s all about blood.

Doctor Who In The Forest Of The Night Preview: An Invasion Story With A Twist

Are the trees taking over the Earth? More importantly, is Doctor Who as good as the last three weeks?

Doctor Who 8.09: Flatline

More scares and more death as dark Doctor Who continues in an estate in modern-day Bristol...

The Apprentice: 10.02 Wearable Technology

Double elimination in the bumper edition of The Apprentice but who got fired?

The Apprentice 2014: Episode One

The Apprentice returns for a tenth season with an added twist