Daniel Radcliffe blows us away

This has to be seen to be believed.

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Beer for the discerning gentleman. Or lady.

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We check out Dell's Windows 8 tablet - is it an iPad killer? and what killer feature does it have?

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We take a look at OnePlus' 2014 'Flagship Killer'


Provincial Commoners : a review of Province from Laboratory

Board of Education

Bring the family together with a board game or three.

Beer:Geek #9 Left Hand Brewing

For once the Left Hand path leads to (liquid) heaven.

Superfood - Don't Say That

Superfood? That's blueberries, right?

Twin Atlantic - Manchester Academy

Twin Atlantic light up Manchester.

Alvin Stardust - Alvin

An unexpected and unexpectedly terrific farewell.

Tulisa - Living Without You

Tulisa returns to give her music career another try.

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart - Kelly

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart share the video for their latest single 'Kelly' today, shot by the band's friend and longtime collaborator, Art Boonp...

TransAtlantic - KaLIVEoscope

Prog giants' latest live documentation.

Campfire Tales: October 2014

Late October, including bits of September. Chesney, McGraw, Williams, and Antebellum.

Peaky Blinders: 2.04

May Grace be with you.

The Apprentice: 10.03 Video Channels

A triple elimination seemed fitting for one of the most cringeworthy episodes to date

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The Walking Dead: 5.03 Four Walls and a Roof

More violence on The Walking Dead.Yes it's still shocking.

The Blacklist: 2.03 Dr. James Covington, 2.04 Dr Linus Creel

The Blacklist season two steps it up a gear with two with two thought-provoking cases...

Doctor Who: 8.10 In The Forest Of The Night

A magical fairytale this week from new series writer Frank Cottrell Boyce that looks fantastic even if logic does go out of the window...

Agents Of SHIELD: 2.01 Shadows

Agents of SHIELD finally returned to the UK this week. Did it manage to maintain the momentum of season one's HYDRA arc?

The Apprentice: 10.03 Home Fragrance

The margins were tight for the latest episode of The Apprentice but which two contestants were fired?