The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Trailer

May the odds forever be in your favour.

The Grand Seduction

TDF newcomer, Spike Marshall has reviewed The Grand Seduction

The Beast (La bęte)

If you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise...

Immoral Tales (Contes immoraux)

In which Borowczyk goes erotic...


Minority Report meets Se7en in this futuristic SF detective anime thriller...


In which Borowczyk goes medieval, in the third of Arrow's releases.

Ghostbusters I & II

Bustin' makes Geoff feel good with this 30th Anniversary Blu-ray set.

Football Manager heading to the silver screen

Football Manager to make its big-screen debut as feature-length film hits Vue cinema screens on October 7th.

Tales of Xillia 2

Same world, same characters, same everything.

How do we deal with #GamerGate - the TDF position...

Our position on GamerGate and its implications for gaming, journalism and developers.

OnePlus One Review (Sandstone Black 64 GB)

We take a look at OnePlus' 2014 'Flagship Killer'


Provincial Commoners : a review of Province from Laboratory

Board of Education

Bring the family together with a board game or three.

Beer:Geek #9 Left Hand Brewing

For once the Left Hand path leads to (liquid) heaven.

New book celebrates the Commodore 64

We are all just Cannon Fodder.

The internet sucks today.

We all need to learn to be better.

Beer:Geek #8 Brick Brewery

Not just another brick in the wall.

Deep Breath: 12 Teasers

Twelve teasers for the time of Capaldi..

Jess and the Bandits - The Louisiana, Bristol

Jess and the Bandits on their first UK tour.

Queen unveil celebratory vodka

Ve vill, ve vill rock you.

Dark Hemyspheres: September 2014

Taking a walk on the wild side.

Kate Bush - Hammersmith Apollo

Gary Kaill sees Kate Bush return to the stage after a 35 year break. Warning: contains graphic enthusiasm (and SPOILERS!)

Singles of the Week: 14th September 2014

This week's singles round-up.

Gruff Rhys - RNCM, Manchester

Evans above! SFA man goes west in search of his ancestry.

Music News Round-Up: Saturday 13th Sept

Quick updates from Jack White, Donna Summer, Throwing Muses and more!

Jaws - Be Slowly

Not the shark, not the Bond villain, but the Brummie band.

Doctor Who: 8.04 Listen

Doctor Who certainly delivered the chills this week, but did it make a whole lot of sense?

Alex Polizzi: The Fixer

From hotels to family businesses, the formidable Alex Polizzi is out to prove she is a dragon worthy of a place in the den.

Doctor Who: Listen Preview - Prepare To Be Scared...

Scares aplenty in this Saturday's Doctor Who...

50 Ways To Kill Your Mammy

A new reality star is born in the shape of 71 year old Nancy Ashmawy, an OAP you would be happy to travel the world with.

Our Zoo - 1.01 / 1.02

Zoo, zoo, zoo, going to the zoo, zoo, zoo.

The Great British Bake Off: 5.06 European Cake Week

Swedish Princess Cake, Hungarian Dobos Torte and a voting controversy. It all went a bit Eurovision for European Cake Week on The Great British Bake O...

Chasing Shadows / The Suspicions Of Mr Whicher

Two new ITV drama in one week? Not great news unfortunately.