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Denzel Washington rejected this role in Fast and Furious movies

Fast and Furious 7 was a popular addition to the action movie franchise, but it could have looked a lot different with Denzel Washington at the helm

denzel fast and furious

Mr. Nobody, played by Kurt Russell, is a well-known character from the action movie franchise Fast and Furious. Debuting in Furious 7, Mr. Nobody was an ally to Toretto and the crew, and would often enlist them to help on dangerous missions on behalf of the US Government.

Although Mr. Nobody played a prominent role in Fast 7 and its sequel, The Fate of the Furious, his fate was left ambiguous in F9: The Fast Saga. He was involved in a plane crash, and while we don’t necessarily know for sure that he’s dead, that kinda feels like the only viable outcome.

However, as uncovered by Deadline in 2013, Mr. Nobody could have been a lot different — with Denzel Washington reportedly being offered the role before Fast 7 started filming. Although it appears he turned the role down, the reasons for this are unclear: but it’s certain that these rumours about the legendary drama movie star’s involvement with the thriller franchise aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Can he be tempted to join Dom Toretto’s family in the future?

Now sprawling ten movies, the Fast and Furious lore has become complex, to say the least, but in essence, the adventure movies centre around ex-con-turned-street-racer Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his friends as they become embroiled in illegal street races, crime, heists and Government spies.