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Samuel L. Jackson is annoyed Jonah Hill swears more than him in movies

Samuel L. Jackson might be notorious for his colourful language in movies, but according to him, comedy actor Jonah Hill has sworn more.

samuel l jackson jonah hill

Samuel L. Jackson is an iconic action movie actor who isn’t afraid to eff and blind his way through a crisis if the scene demands it. After all, who can forget his iconic line in the 2006 thriller Snakes on a Plane, where he sums up everyone’s thoughts by exclaiming: “I’ve had it with these motherfuckin’ snakes, on this motherfuckin’ plane.”

Although he’s had to go easy on f-bombs in recent years as Nick Fury in the Disney-owned Marvel Cinematic Universe, when a Buzz Bingo report in 2022  named someone else as the film’s biggest curser, it’s safe to say that everyone was a little shocked.

According to the report, Jackson has uttered a total of 301 swear words throughout his career. However, despite his impressive record on on-screen profanity, Jackson was beaten to first place by comedy actor Jonah Hill. Hill, whose best known for buddy cop movies like 21 Jump Street, was crowned the most sweary actor, with the BuzzBingo study determining that he has swore a total of 376 times across movies.

Reacting to the news on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Jackson said, “That’s some bullsh*t. I mean, no. No. No way, man. No way, man, come on. Jonah Hill, really? I don’t believe that. Someone has miscounted.”

The most awkward part is that Jackson didn’t even get second place. Although he ranked a respectable third, he was beaten by Leonardo Di Caprio, who has sworn a total of 361 times on-screen.