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Yellowstone character will “blow it all up” in final season, says star

Yellowstone has some loose threads to tie up before we say goodbye to the best drama series in years, and this cast member has a theory we can get behind.

Yellowstone character will "blow it all up" in final season: Wes Bentley and Kelly Reilly in Yellowstone

As the days tick by and we get no closer to the continuation of Yellowstone, all we can do is sit by and guess what’s going to happen. How’s it all going to end? This is the question that haunts our days, dreams, and nightmares.

Thankfully, the fate of Yellowstone can only go so many ways, and we’ve even had a few of the Yellowstone cast members taking guesses  themselves at how the best drama series on TV will come to an end. Hey, if anyone would know, it would be them, right?

Until Yellowstone season 5 part 2 hits, we won’t know for sure, but we think it’s all going to boil down to the worst Yellowstone character: Jamie Dutton. Wes Bentley, who plays Jamie, admitted that he’s hesitant to predict what’ll happen, saying [via The Hollywood Reporter]: “I’m nervous to create things in my head that might not actually come to fruition when the scripts come.”

But still, that didn’t stop him from trying, and he went on to add: “But it has saturated a bit more in me what that feeling was at the end of last season, that breakthrough he sort of had; that moment where he decided that it doesn’t matter what I get or don’t get in this life.”

“That he’s going to go out like a cannonball maybe. Just blow it all up. There was a switch in him. So with that forward momentum, it seems hard to avoid that he’s on the attack.”

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As much as we hate to admit it, Jamie holds all the cards right now. When it comes to where we’re at in the Yellowstone timeline, things recently ended with Jamie revealing the truth about the Train Station to Beth, and he’s threatening to unleash their family secrets to take John down. (Not a bad place for the best TV series around to begin its final arc, I admit.)

All of this means that Bentley’s theory makes sense. Jamie’s in a position of power, but based on his past experiences in the show, things don’t usually go to well for him. We could see his attempt at dismantling his family’s power become his own downfall.

But let’s not forget, John and Beth’s final conversation before the season break sounded like a veiled plot to kill Jamie to preserve their reputation. If we had to guess, we’d say that it’s not impossible for Jamie and John to create some mutually assured destruction, taking each other and themselves down in order to try to land on top.

As Yellowstone obsessives, we’ve already taken some shots at John Dutton’s fate on the series, and we think it’s more likely than not he’ll wind up dead. (Since Kevin Costner is leaving Yellowstone, this theory has some sturdy legs, we reckon.) Why shouldn’t it be Jamie who causes this? After all, Taylor Sheridan’s flagship series is obsessed with legacy, so it would be incredibly fitting for John’s adopted child (the antithesis of his legacy) to be the thing that brings it all crumbling down.

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