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Is The Meg streaming? How to watch the Jason Statham shark movie

Jason Statham returns to his best shark movie on The Meg 2 release date. But go back in time as we ask how to watch The Meg on streaming services like Netflix.

Jason Statham delivered his best shark movie with The Meg

Is The Meg streaming? In 2018. Jason Statham took on his most formidable foe yet. It wasn’t The Rock, or Vin Diesel, or one of the many bad guys he has punched, kicked, or shot over the years. It was a really, really big shark from a prehistoric era. As the man himself so memorably growled… it was Megalodon.

The Meg ranks as one of the best shark movies in years, even if it doesn’t come close to the genre’s iconic frontrunner. But, given Jaws is one of the best movies of all time, Jason Statham‘s enjoyable actioner was never likely to dethrone it. It was, however, a terrific slice of aquatic fun with a truly massive central beast for Statham to punch very hard on the nose.

Given the $500m success of The Meg, it was inevitable that a new movie would get the green light. We’re now just a few months from The Meg 2 release date, so you’ll definitely want to know how to watch The Meg in preparation for the return of rescue diver Jonas Taylor… and his apex predator foe.

Where can I watch The Meg?

The Meg is available to stream in the USA on Hulu and fuboTV, while it’s also on Blu-ray and available to rent or buy on various digital platforms.

There are plenty of ways to watch The Meg in the comfort of your own home, including on physical formats and via the major video on demand platforms. It has a streaming home in the USA too, though it’s not currently available via any streaming subscription in the UK.

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Is The Meg streaming?

Yes, US viewers can stream The Meg via Hulu or fuboTV. Unfortunately, none of the best streaming services in the UK currently have The Meg available. However, you can watch The Meg online on a number of digital platforms (see below).

Can I watch The Meg online?

The Meg is available to watch online via digital platforms including Amazon, Google Play, and Apple TV.

You can rent or buy The Meg in quality levels all the way up to 4K on all of the main digital platforms on both sides of the Atlantic. That includes the likes of Amazon, Apple, and Google, as well as Vudu, DirecTV, Microsoft, and, if you’re in the UK, Sky Store and Rakuten TV.

Li Bingbing and Jason Statham in The Meg

Is The Meg on Netflix?

The Meg is not currently streaming on Netflix in either the USA or the UK. We’ll keep an eye on those catalogues and let you know if Netflix makes the shark action available any time soon.

Is The Meg on Disney Plus?

The Meg is available on Disney Plus, if you have the Disney Bundle which includes Hulu.

It’s rare to see movies not made by Disney or one of its other companies on Disney Plus. The Meg is, however, available to stream on the Disney-owned Hulu service in the USA. This means that those who subscribe to the Disney Bundle, which includes Hulu and ESPN, can watch The Meg via Disney Plus.

Jason Statham is The Meg

Is The Meg on Prime Video?

The Meg is not available to stream for Prime Video subscribers, but you can rent or buy it via Amazon. In the USA, The Meg currently costs $3.99 to rent and $7.99 to buy in HD. For British viewers, the HD version is £3.49 to rent and £7.99 to buy.

Is The Meg on Blu-ray?

Good news, The Meg is widely available on Blu-ray. You can get hold of the movie in loads of different disc formats, including 3D Blu-ray and 4K Ultra-HD, as well as standard Blu-ray and DVD.

The Meg is one of the best shark movies of the 21st century

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