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The Nun 3 release date speculation, cast, plot, and more news

You can never keep Valak down in The Conjuring universe. So here's everything you need to know about The Nun 3 release date and more.

What is The Nun 3 release date? When it comes to modern horror icons, few figures can beat The Conjuring’s creepy nun demon Valak. The yellow-eyed fiend has been a downright menace in the franchise, appearing in sequels, spin-offs, and its own prequel movies. But the thing about Valak is that every time it’s on-screen, we love it, and we are already dying to see what its next big torture plan is.

The Conjuring universe is forever expanding and has given us some of the best ghost movies of all time. Following the adventures of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, the IP has had many villains, but in 2018, Valak got special treatment with a prequel movie, The Nun. However, with The Nun 2, we were taken to 1956 – meaning that the Warrens are still due for their first meeting with the demon. So, The Nun 3 is only a matter of time! Here’s everything you need to know about the potential new movie.

The Nun 3 release date speculation

The Nun 3 doesn’t have a release date just yet, but director Michael Chaves has hinted at the possibility of a sequel. With that in mind, we may see Valak sometime in 2025.

Although a new sequel hasn’t been confirmed, Chaves did tell SFX Magazine during an interview how the religious demon has more stories to tell. “There’s a line in the movie: ‘Demons are infinite.'” He said. “I like the idea that she’s always been here in different forms. I think that there’s still more stories of Valak, the demon nun, to be told.”

And if you have seen The Nun 2 already, you know that according to The Conjuring Timeline, the flick ended in 1956. However, we all know that the Warrens encountered a possessed Maurice in the late ’60s. So, there is definitely room for a sequel. Keep your eyes on this guide as more updates head our way!

The Nun 3 release date: The nun demon Valak in the 2018 movie The Nun

The Nun 3 cast speculation

If The Nun 3 does happen, Bonnie Aarons will definitely be back as the habit-wearing demon Valak, and Jonas Bloquet will return as the possessed vessel Maurice.

However, it is unclear if Taissa Farmiga will return as sister Irene. At the end of The Nun 2, a post-credit scene showed us the Warrens getting a phone call – presumably about Maurice.

This means that there will likely be a time jump for The Nun 3, and the film will break away from Sister Irene to focus on Maurice meeting the Warrens. So that means Vera Farmiga may be back as Lorraine Warren and Patrick Wilson as Ed Warren.

Here is the expected Nun 3 cast list:

  • Bonnie Aarons as the demon Valak
  • Jonas Bloquet as Maurice
  • Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren
  • Patrick Wilson as Ed Warren
  • Taissa Farmiga as Sister Irene

The above list is sure to grow once we get more information on the film’s setting and new characters. So, bookmark this page to keep up with all the new casting news.

The Nun 3 release date: Valak in The Nun 2 staring at a young girl

What will The Nun 3 be about?

The Nun 3 will likely follow the story of Maurice meeting the Warrens in the late ’60s and explain how Valak possessed the poor man once again – despite bursting into flames during its last encounter with Sister Irene.  

Warning: minor spoilers for The Nun 2 ahead!

The Nun 2 saw Valak absorb the holy relic of Saint Lucy’s eyes. The holy relic made the villain grow in power and turned it into an unstoppable force as it summoned goat demons and blasted energy and fire all around it. But despite the upgrade, the demon was still exorcized by Sister Irene, and Maurice was supposedly free from its possession.

However, if you’ve watched all The Conjuring movies in order, you know that Maurice gets possessed by Valak again when the Warrens meet him in the 1960s. So, The Nun 3 needs to explain how Maurice is still in Valak’s clutches and what happened to cause the Warrens to take notice of the vessel. Well, luckily, we already have some theories below.

The Nun 3 release date: Maurice in a flashback during the 2013 Conjuring movie

The Nun 3 plot theories

We believe that there is a secret pagan organization that got its hands on Maurice – which we’ll learn more about in The Nun 3.

This may seem strange, but hear us out. During The Nun 2, we learn that Maurice has a strange sword mark on his neck, which is never explained. We also learn that Saint Lucy was killed by pagans and that there seems to be a group that just hates clairvoyants altogether.

We also have to remember that Valak is normally summoned onto Earth – it doesn’t just pop up whenever it feels like it. In the 2018 film The Nun, we learned a Duke obsessed with the Occult during the Dark Ages first summoned the demon until it was sealed away by some Christian knights with the blood of Jesus Christ.

Valak was then later released due to the bombings of World War 2, which broke its seal and kicked off the events of The Nun. So, with The Nun 2 banishing Valak back to hell, someone needs to summon him again.

Our theory is that Maurice has some sort of history with a secret organization that worships Valak, and the mark on his neck is their way to help Valak return to a human vessel once he is summoned again. The secret organization could be a new revelation and even face the Warrens in the future. Which, to us at least, sounds like an amazing franchise addition.

The Nun 3 release date: Sister Irene holding up a cross in The Nun 2

Is there a Nun 3 trailer?

There is no trailer for The Nun 3, which makes sense since production hasn’t started yet.

We’ll likely only get a teaser a few months before the release date. So, stay tuned as we learn more details. However, in the meantime, The Nun 2 is available to rent or buy on multiple VOD services like Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV.

You can read our The Nun 2 review for more information, and check out The Nun 2 trailer below.

YouTube Thumbnail

Where can I watch The Nun?

Like most of The Conjuring movies, you can watch The Nun on Max (formerly HBO Max).

The Nun 2 was released in cinemas on Friday, September 8, 2023. And we assume The Nun 3 will also get a theatrical run before heading over to streaming. The Nun and the rest of The Conjuring movies are also available to rent and purchase digitally via Amazon Prime and Apple TV. To sign up for a Prime membership, click our link here.

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