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The Bear season 2 review (2023) - the finest cuisine on TV right now

From its very first season, the high-pressure drama series was already raking in the Michelin Stars. But The Bear season 2 continues to be a delicacy.

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Our Verdict

Our favorite televised migraine is back, and we couldn't be happier.

The Bear season 1 was good, right? Of course, it was! But this meant season 2 could’ve gone drastically wrong. For The Bear cast, directors, and writers, it might have been tempting to play its sophomore season safe: sticking to the most reliable dishes without changing up the menu.

But The Bear season 2 does an excellent job of providing seconds of our favorite meals while accentuating their flavor further with some new garnishes and improvements. Although episodes 1-4 of season 2 feel a bit more relaxed compared to its preceding season, this slower start makes sense in a broader thematic way and avoids coming across as tedious.

If we just had another season of Carmy  (Jeremy Allen White) going insane at The Beef, then the TV series may have risked going a bit stale. So it was enriching to see individual characters going out, doing their own thing, and getting some much-needed development of their own. Episode 4, which also featured Will Poulter in a delightful guest stint, was a great example of this, as it helped to flesh out Lionel Boyce’s Marcus, who is one of the most underused characters of season 1.

These kinds of episodes also offered a refreshing change of pace from the series’ usual pressure-cooked, overflowing approach, and served as a great example of how to utilize famous guest stars rather than just plonking them in for Twitter clout.

But don’t worry, these Boiling Point-like vibes remain integral to season 2, as we’re painstakingly reminded in every other frame how “every second counts,” as everyone races against the clock to get their restaurant ready for opening.

It was also nice to see our baby girl Carmy step out from the shadow of his brother as he tries, with middling success, to forge a life for himself outside of his obsession with his craft.

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Along with Ayo Edebiri (Sydney) and Liza Colón-Zayas (Tina), White once again brings his A-game to this season as he continues to grapple with every curveball the writers throw at him. But it’s Ebon Moss-Bachrach (Richie) who impresses the most in season 2, as he goes from someone you love to hate to someone you just… love.

Christopher Storer’s unique directing style once again complements the oven-ready, faultless writing from season 2 as he continues to intercut culinary chaos with serene high-end dishes.

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There isn’t another ‘Review’ moment, but that’s because season 2 isn’t interested in reheating old leftovers. Like its brash, heartfelt, and foul-mouthed characters, The Bear season 2 is unapologetic in being its own thing. It’s dysfunctional, chaotic, and gloriously messy, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Bear season 2 will drop on Disney Plus on July 19, 2023. In the meantime, all eight episodes of the first season are available to watch on the streaming service, and here’s what you need to know about how to watch The Bear season 2, when The Bear season 2 UK release date is, how many episodes The Bear season 2 has, and The Bear season 3 release date.

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