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Stranger Things season 5 just added an iconic Terminator star

As if the Stranger Things cast needed to get any bigger, we just found out at TUDUM 2023 that Stranger Things season 5 has recruited an action movie legend.

Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2

We’re counting down the days to Stranger Things season 5, and we now know that there is some very interesting casting afoot, thanks to an announcement at TUDUM 2023. Stranger Things has now added a massive name to its cast, which will definitely please fans of the best ’80s movies.

With the Stranger Things season 5 release date on the way and set to bring an end to one of the best TV series in the history of Netflix, there will definitely be some departures from the Stranger Things cast. We don’t think everyone will survive.

However, we do know that there will be at least one new addition before the Stranger Things ending. Linda Hamilton, aka Sarah Connor in the Terminator movies, is joining one of the best sci-fi series on our screens.

Hamilton made a grand appearance at TUDUM to confirm her involvement in one of the most exciting ensembles on TV today. The show will certainly benefit from the arrival of an icon from some of the best action movies.

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Stranger Things has had some enviable guest stars over the years, with the likes of Cary Elwes and Freddy Krueger actor Robert Englund showing up and making an impact. Hopefully, Hamilton will get a bigger role as perhaps the biggest name to join the cast since Winona Ryder back in the first season.

It’s a statement of intent from arguably the best Netflix series as it moves forward into its endgame. With plenty of action on the horizon between the Hawkins kids and the twisted denizens of the Upside Down, Hamilton’s specific set of skills will be invaluable.

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