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Stephen King won’t stop talking about this horror series, and we’re in

We appreciate spooky legend Stephen King's recommendations for the best horror series, but he seems to be pretty obsessed with one new show in particular.

Stephen King recommended his fans watch horror series From

When it comes to horror, we listen to Stephen King. Just about every spooky project worth caring about has the Stephen King name attached to it in some way, and his works have certainly inspired many of the best horror movies of all time.

We’ve just had The Boogeyman release date – read our The Boogeyman review – bring one of his scariest short stories to the multiplex and, now that promo tour is over, King has turned his attention to one of the best horror series on the small screen. And it’s not even one of his own.

King sang the praises of the Epix and MGM+ series From a while back, and he’s still going on about it now, in another tweet to his seven million followers.

He said: “If you’re a horror fan and not watching FROM, you should get with it. Scary shit.”

Stephen King urged his Twitter followers to watch From

From is a sci-fi horror series set within the confines of an American town that appears to trap everyone who enters it. We follow its inhabitants as they try to survive, while also looking for a way to escape its borders.

Of course, it’s anything but easy, and there are some terrifying creatures in the town as well. No wonder King thinks it’s one of the best TV series for horror fans to watch right now, and he can’t stop telling us about it.

The first season aired to positive reviews in February 2022, with the 10-part season two beginning in April 2023. It certainly has King’s attention, which means lovers of spooky shows should definitely be on alert for this one.

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