Everything new on Shudder in January 2023

Shudder is the perfect streaming service for horror movie aficionados, and here's all the new content heading to the platform in January

Everything new to Shudder in January 2023: Charlotte Kirk in The Lair

What’s new on Shudder for January 2023? If you’re a hardened horror aficionado, then you will probably have a subscription to the streaming service Shudder already, and if you haven’t, then what the hell are you waiting for? There’s an unbelievable trove of terrifying treasure on the platform just waiting to be discovered, and we’ve got a handy list for you here of everything new on Shudder in January 2023.

Shudder regularly produces original content itself, much in the same way as fellow streaming platform Netflix does, but everything Shudder makes is guaranteed to send a shiver down your spine! In addition to this, Shudder also compiles some of the best horror movies ever made and makes them available to its users.

Looking at this month, Shudder is keeping the scares going into the New Year with an abundance of new movies hitting the platform! There’s lots of new Shudder original movies and TV series on the way, so make a note and get your reminders set, because here’s everything new on Shudder in January 2023.

Here’s everything new on Shudder for January 2023:

What’s on Shudder January 2

  • Undead
  • We Need to Do Something

What’s on Shudder January 9

  • We Have Always Lived in the Castle
  • Ghosts of War

What’s on Shudder January 16

  • Brain Freeze

What’s on Shudder January 19

  • Sorry About the Demon (a Shudder exclusive)

What’s on Shudder January 23

  • Pusher
  • Pusher 2
  • Pusher 3

What’s on Shudder January 26

  • The Lair (a Shudder exclusive)
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What’s on Shudder January 30

  • In Search of Darkness: Part 3
  • The Falling

That’s everything coming to Shudder in January 2023. Check back again later in the month for updates on what will arrive in the month after. For more streaming goodies, check out our list of the best Netflix horror movies, or everything new to Apple TV Plus.