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Did The Armourer betray The Mandalorians?

The Armourer is one of the most devout Mandalorian characters but there's evidence to suggest she's not as moral as you might think.

The Armourer in The Mandalorian

Did the Armourer betray The Mandalorians? Warning spoilers ahead for The Mandalorian. After a meandering start to the season, The Mandalorian finally has a sense of direction. The show’s going to be about Bo-Katan and Din Djarin reuniting the scattered tribes of Mandalore and reclaiming their homeworld.

There’s just one problem, the Star Wars villain Moff Gideon has set up his base on Mandalore, and he doesn’t want to give up his new empire without a fight. In The Mandalorian season 3 episode 7, Gideon defeated our heroes, capturing Din Djarin in the process.

But after watching the latest episode in the Star Wars series, we’ve got a few questions. How did Gideon know the Mandalorians were coming? We know that there are Imperial spies everywhere, but the only people who knew that the Mandalorians were coming, were the Mandalorians. So who told the Moff? Well, we have our suspicions about The Armourer, the leader of Din’s tribe. So did the Armourer betray The Mandalorians?

Did The Armourer betray The Mandalorians?

We can’t say for certain, but there’s a fair amount of circumstantial evidence that suggests The Armourer can’t be trusted. We know that fragments of beskar were found on the New Republic transport carrying Moff Gideon to his trial.

This suggests that a group of Mandalorians played a role in freeing him. Of course, he could have been freed by his new Stormtroopers, who wear beskar armour, but the Carson Teva seemed to think The Mandalorians were involved somehow.

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It’s also suspicious that The Armourer, who’s the most devout Mandalorian we’ve met, would agree to take the wounded back to the ship in orbit instead of making the journey to the Great Forge. You’d expect someone whose entire life revolves around forging armour to want to see the centrepiece of her entire religion.

Perhaps we’re being uncharitable, and she genuinely did care for the wounded, but it did conveniently get her out of harm’s way when the Moff’s troops attacked. Now you may be thinking to yourself that The Armourer can’t have been responsible because she’s so loyal to the Mandalorian cause. Still, she’s not been portrayed as dedicated to Mandalore.

The Armourer in The Mandalorian

From the first season, The Armourer has been portrayed as extremely pious, and her behaviour sometimes verges on religious zealotry. It’s possible then that she’s not loyal to Mandalore but to ‘The Way’ and sees the other Mandalorians, like the Bo-Katan and the Night Owls, as apostates who abandoned the creed.

Din says as much in the episode. He was taught to see those who didn’t follow The Way as cowards and betrayers, and the Darksaber means nothing to his tribe. Who taught him that? It was The Armourer. Perhaps she’s allied herself with Gideon to wipe out the Mandalorians who’ve abandoned the way to purge her group of non-believers.

Moff Gideon in beskar armour in The Mandalorian

It seems suspicious to us, as well, that The Armourer’s plan to reunite the tribes of Mandalore began after Bo confessed she’d seen a Mythosaur. Maybe she panicked when she heard that the legendary beast had appeared to the leader of the Night Owls and wanted to get her out of the way before she could retake the planet.

We could be very wrong here, and we hope we are, but you can’t deny there’s definitely something going on with the leader of The Tribe, and we can’t help but wonder who taught Gideon how to make beskar armour. Finally, it’s worth pointing out that season 3 episode 7, is called The Spies, not The Spy. One of these spies was Elia Kane. Who was the second?

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