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Are Nightsisters stronger than the Sith? Star Wars villains explained

It is time to find out who is the top villain in a galaxy far, far, away. Here is our guide breaking down who's stronger in Star Wars, Nightsisters or the Sith.

The three Nightsiister in the new Ahsoka Star Wars series dressed in red robes

Are Nightsisters stronger than Sith Lords? When it comes to a galaxy far, far away, there are tons of formidable baddies. There are red lightsaber-wielding villains, ruthless bounty hunters, and force-wielding sorcerers. However, over the years, one group’s name has been popping up more frequently across videogames, movies, and (most recently) Star Wars series like Ahsoka. So, how powerful are the Nightsisters?

If you’re a Star Wars expert, The Nightsisters are a very familiar name. We’ve seen them in Star Wars series such as Legends, Clone Wars, and now, of course, Ahsoka. But let’s be honest: if you’ve only seen the Star Wars movies and the new Disney Plus shows, chances are you haven’t encountered all the lore and information you need to know about the Nightsisters. You may wonder if the hierarchy of Force users has changed or if the best Star Wars villains are actually the Sith.

Well, don’t worry, we’re here to help. Below, we break down all these iconic Star Wars characters and let you know who are the true masters of the dark side. So, read on if you want to find out if Nightsisters are stronger than the Sith.

Are Nightsisters stronger than Sith Lords?

Sorry to all you Great Mother fans out there, but Sith Lords are still technically stronger than Nightsisters, at least when we consider the Star Wars canon and the nature of the two dark side users’ powers. However, if we want to get technical, Nightsisters do have some advantages over the Sith and can still win a few fights under the right circumstances.

Throughout the Star Wars canon, Nightsisters have been formidable foes for both the Sith and the Jedi. They are force-sensitive women with a strong sense of survival that can not only harness the dark side but can also use Magick – giving them extra abilities no Sith have.

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Unlike the Sith, Nightsisters can harness the power of Magick by tapping into the magical Ichor that dwells deep in Dathomir. By using this power, they can create objects out of thin air, reanimate the dead, and transform folks into ghostly versions of their true forms. In Star Wars Legends, we also see that the first Nightsister Charal could transform into a raven too — something that the Sith hasn’t done as of yet in the Star Wars universe.

However, despite the Nightsisters’s powers, they have fallen at the hands of the Sith time and time again. One of the most extreme examples of the Sith showing their power in the case of Nightsisters was at the end of the Clone Wars, when General Grievous and Count Dooku massacred the Nightsisters. Although the Nightsisters weren’t wiped out from said attack, their numbers were significantly lessened.

The event also showed us that while Nightsisters are powerful and have unique skills in their own right, they aren’t as equipped as Sith Lords are when it comes to being battle mages. Instead, Nightsisters thrive by using tactics, utilizing the elements of surprise and their Magick in combat. But once they lose the advantage of subterfuge, then they are pretty much done for in a Sith fight.

The Nightsisters in the Star Wars Clone Wars series

However, let’s make one thing clear: don’t underestimate a powerful Nightsister. We have to remember that Darth Sidious traded knowledge with Mother Talzin because he was so impressed with the group. His time with the Nightsisters enhanced his own abilities, and without them, he wouldn’t be as powerful and intimidating as he is today.

We also have to remember that while the Sith tend to win in a Nightsister fight, they never have an easy time of it. So, who knows, maybe we’ll see the Nightsisters grow in power and become the ultimate big baddies of a galaxy far, far away.

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